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Appreciates article on India missions


I enjoyed Kelly Durham’s thorough article on “India and the United States” in the July 5 issue. It was wonderful to read of the mission trip that several of our Atlanta-area people participated in. A great illustration was used in the Henna painting and the Cross story; how precious is our personal relationship with Jesus, Our Lord and Savior.

I was affiliated with the American Sikh organization (3HO) for a time, and believe you may have one error that would offend the Sikhs. In describing the picture of the Golden Temple in Punjab, you mention they “worship their 330 million gods.” Actually Sikhism is mono-theistic as written in JapJi (the morning prayers):

Ik Onkar (God is only One.)

Sat nam. (His name is True.)

Karta-purakh. (He is the Creator.), etc.

The Sikhs revered the ten living Gurus, and now depend on reverent reading of the Guru Granth Sahib for their spiritual reading, as you mentioned. Ironically, the Sikh religion was started in 1469 to be a peaceful settlement between the Hindus and Muslims by stating that “God is One; Truth is His Name; worship Him however you want.”

Regarding the “free food” served at the Golden Temple. This is another tenant of their faith. They refuted the caste system of the Hindus by saying all men are equal in God’s sight. Therefore, the meal following the service is actually part of the service. All people, regardless of status or wealth, sit together and are served a communal meal.

The Sikhs I knew are such devoted people to “the One God,” but sadly don’t know His Son Jesus. This is our mission – to teach them about God’s greatest Gift to us, because no amount of chanting or works can accomplish what Jesus did when He died on the Cross for each of us.

Again, thank you for your wonderful article especially the “getting involved” tips on page 23.

May God bless your work in bringing the Good News to the world.


Editor’s Note: You are correct and we appreciate your drawing this error to our attention. It is Hinduism, and not Sikhism, whose followers worship up to 330 million gods. The Sikh religion is monotheistic. The Index regrets the error.