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Strategic focus now on San Diego


SAN DIEGO (BP) — Greater San Diego is filled with more than 3 million people, more than half of whom claim no religious affiliation. Only 6 percent of the population claims to be evangelical Christians. Local and national Southern Baptists hope to minister to the city through “Vision San Diego,” a part of the North American Mission Board’s Strategic Focus Cities initiative.

Vision San Diego is a partnership between local Southern Baptist churches, the San Diego Southern Baptist Association, the California Southern Baptist Convention, and the North American Mission Board, as well as other Southern Baptist entities. The initiative places its emphasis on starting new churches, strengthening existing congregations, and mobilizing thousands of volunteers from around the country to further the ministries of those churches.

“We’re here to help our pastors. They’re the ones God has called to reach San Diego with the gospel,” said Mike Carlisle, Vision San Diego’s executive director. “We want to respect their uniqueness, but at the same time bring individuals and groups together based on our common ground.”

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