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Georgia Baptists On Mission


Mission Volunteers Ministries of the Georgia Baptist Convention develops ministry opportunities for all Georgia Baptists to become mission partners throughout Georgia, the United States, and around the world.

Georgia Baptists are on mission in Georgia, New York, Utah-Idaho, California, France, Moldova, and beyond. Place after place, Georgia Baptists are making a difference by impacting lives through prayer walking, scripture distribution, construction, preaching, VBS, Backyard Bible Clubs, and relational evangelism.

The need is great. We need 500,000 Georgia Baptists to get involved now just to meet the needs we know of today. Whether it is one Georgia Baptist or 500,000, as we continue on mission for Jesus, we will make a difference in the world.

Last year, over 143,000 Georgia Baptists made a difference in their world. Take a look at some of the ministries and mission opportunities we are involved with, and prayerfully consider becoming involved yourself. All it takes is a willing heart. God will supply the rest!


"On Mission" Partnership Tours

You are the vital link and motivation in helping Georgia Baptists go "On Mission." We are partnered with California, New York, Utah/Idaho, France, and Moldova. It is imperative that we get as many people as we can On Mission in 2004. We are offering mission trips to our partnership areas. These trips are designed for directors of missions, area missionaries, and pastors who want to explore the opportunities for service in a particular partnership area. These trips will prepare those who go to be able to return home to their associations, areas, and local churches and promote partnership missions with a first-hand experience.


Key Places and Dates for 2004

* Northern California, January 12-15, April 21-24

* San Diego, California, January 19-21, May 3-5

* Western New York, January 22-24, May 3-6

* New York City, January 19-21, May 10-12

* Utah-Idaho, February 2-5, May 19-22

* Appalachian Regional Ministries, TBA

The approximate cost of each domestic trip per person is $500.

* France, February 16-20, $1,000 per person

* Moldova, April 13-19, $1,500 per person

If you are interested in being a part of an On Mission Partnership Tour, call the Mission Volunteers office at 770.936.5346.


The Barnabus Team

Have you ever arrived at the point in ministry where you were just tired or even burned out? You see, you can be so tired even when you are doing good things that you just need some encouraging companionship or some little simple act of kindness.

The Book of the Acts of the Apostles introduces us to my kind of man-his name was Joseph and he was a Levite (Acts 4:36). The apostles and the new Church were being stretched at every corner. So many with needs were being added to the church daily that it was very difficult to keep up with all the needs. Frustration, weariness, and selfishness begin to creep into many. Standing in the middle of all this was Joseph, a God sent man. He lived with passion, enthusiasm, and encouragement. He was such an encouragement to the church and the apostles, they renamed him Barnabas-son of encouragement.

As I go about our partnership mission work, I meet some worn down, discouraged partners, churches, directors of missions, state workers, and church members. They just need an encourager. I do all I can, but I cannot be everywhere. Could you be an encourager to someone? Just be there for a tired pastor, church worker, or director of missions just to visit with them, pray with them, help them?

I am asking you to become a part of our Georgia Baptist Barnabas Team. I am looking for a few good men and women who are willing to provide their own support and be our encouragers to New York, Utah/Idaho, or California for as little as three weeks or as long as one year.

You have the gifts and the time that God needs to be someone's Barnabas. If it sounds good to you, give me a call-Dr. Michael Gravette, Mission Volunteers, 1-800-RING GBC ext 344. Get on God's winning team, The Georgia Baptist Barnabas Team.


Being a Mission Volunteer: What it Meant to Me

I have heard of missions all of my life, but not until recently did the desire become real. To me, a mission trip was a glorified vacation away from the normalcy of everyday life. That notion faded when the opportunity arose for me to take my very first mission trip.

When I landed in France, I was in awe of the landmarks I had only seen in movies and TV. Then I looked at the people. Such an empty look was entrenched in their eyes. They did not know my Jesus!

The streets were filled with so many people and with the language barrier, I could not carry on a conversation with them. Prayer walking was our mission, and our team prayed. We literally walked the streets since the Metro workers went on strike. While we sat in the parks, distributed flyers in a neighboring town, and walked through a new subdivision area that will soon be filled with tourists and businesses, we prayed.

While I cannot give testimony as to the number of people we led to Christ, I can give testimony to how I felt the Holy Spirit moving within us to make Himself real to the people in Paris. I can testify that these people were prayed over and that our hearts were touched. The blessings I felt are nothing like I have experienced before in my Christian life. The privilege of being where my Lord is wanting to do a great and marvelous work is one for which I will forever be grateful!

-Phyllis Anderson, Georgia Baptist Volunteer


Take All of Me

The words of the old song ring loud and clear as the Baptist Convention of New York asks Georgia Baptists to take all of the state of New York as a mission partner.

It is with great joy that we expand the ministry of Georgia Baptists from Buffalo (Frontier Association) to New York City (Metro Association). The Georgia Baptist Convention will target the I-90 corridor, focusing on new church starts in Buffalo, Rochester, Syracuse, Albany, and Ithaca. As the Convention approves this new partnership with New York, effective January 1, 2004 through December 2008, we are expecting some great missions opportunities.

New York City is a Strategic Focus City with the North American Mission Board (NAMB) under the theme, New Hope, New York. We will work side by side with NAMB personnel to reach the 12 million people of the Big Apple.

Get on board the Peach/Apple Missions Express to be a part of helping to build the Kingdom of God in New York.


Meet the Flakes

Michael and Natalie Flake are both native Georgians; Michael is from Atlanta and Natalie from Douglas. They met while attending Mercer University in Macon and their daughter Jorjanne was born in August of 2001. They have been serving God through Georgia Mountain Resort Ministries since 1997 when they started as semester missionaries then as US/C-2 missionaries. Michael is the director of Georgia Mountain Resort Ministries (GMRM). This ministry exists to glorify God by expressing His love and the care of the Church to the residents and visitors in the North Georgia Mountains. Their slogan is "Introducing People to the Mountain Maker."

The Flakes take the gospel to leisure settings, such as campgrounds, fairs, state parks, the Appalachian Trail, and other vacation areas. People in resort settings are often relaxed and more open to the gospel. With the help of volunteers and local churches, GMRM shares the Good News through day camps, service projects, resort and state park worship services, family evening programs, prayer walks, puppets, clowns, balloon animals, festival ministries and other creative ministries.

GMRM is currently looking for volunteers to help with festival ministries this fall and to minister in various ways during the Christmas season as well as groups to sign up for the 2004 summer ministry.

Please pray for more volunteers to come and work with GMRM. Pray that God would open doors for new ministries. For more information on GMRM, check out or call Michael at 706.219.0272 or e-mail at


"Come Over and Help Us", Acts 16:9c

Here are just a few of the unfilled requests of our mission partnership areas:

Moldova-Cahul, April to October: Community outreach, sports evangelism, prison ministry, VBS, visit families, schools, and hospitals.

France-Angers: Make evangelical visits to local prisons in Angers, Laval, Bourges, and Nantes.

New York-LaSalle Baptist Church, Niagara Falls, Flexible dates: Community survey, Backyard Bible Clubs, and light construction.

California-Southwest Baptist Church, San Diego, Flexible dates: Construction; need teams to help get church restrooms up to code; currently are not handicapped accessible.

Utah-Idaho-Kanab, UT: Prayerwalking and team to help survey the area for a new church start. Color Country Association: Team needed for construction of metal building for associational camp. No construction experience needed.

Georgia-Helen, ongoing: Appalachian Regional Ministry, Georgia Mountain Resort Ministries.