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Reports surface of vandals damaging church property in southeast Georgia


First Rincon

Church signs, more direct the letters placed on them, have been the target of vandals in southeast Georgia this month.

Churches in southeast Georgia may want to be on the lookout for vandalism attempts directed at their road signage.

At least three churches in the Rincon/Springfield area – two of which are Georgia Baptist – have had their signs vandalized in recent days. The criminal acts follow on the heels of similar vandalism last year in the same area.

Police are investigating the Jan. 19 and 22 incidents at First Baptist Church of Rincon and similar recent events at the city’s Faith Presbyterian Church and nearby First Baptist Church of Springfield.

Bob Rogers, pastor of the Rincon congregation, reported to The Index that on their first visit, vandals “stacked most of the letters on the brick ledge in front of the sign and threw some in the dirt.” On their second visit they scattered most of the letters on the brick ledge in front of the sign, broke a few, and threw others in the dirt.

In addition, on both visits they removed all the letters on one side and removed all but about two words on the other side.

Rincon police report that vandals have also left profanity at Faith Presbyterian Church. Rogers learned that First Baptist Church in Springfield also had its signage letters rearranged into a profanity.

Last year vandals spray painted profanity on the side of Fellowship Bible Church in Springfield and just before Christmas an arsonist burned part of the Methodist campground in Springfield, he added.

Rogers said the congregation will be installing video surveillance of the area at the front of the church and will be ordering a vandal guard for the sign. He urges area churches to be aware of the pattern to avoid similar damage to their property.

First Rincon

First Baptist Rincon pastor Bob Rogers said on one occasion letters from his church’s sign were tossed on the brick ledge in front of the sign and scattered in the dirt. First Rincon was one of three Effingham County churches that reported such vandalism earlier this month.