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Baptist housing ministry helps struggling families


CRESTWOOD, Ky. (BP) — Injured on the job, Eddie Buck was off work nine months. Workman’s compensation was the family’s only source of income, and he fell behind in child support payments for his eldest daughters. When Eddie returned to work, he tried to make up the deficit but the Internal Revenue Service garnished his tax refund for two consecutive years. Adding to the stress, the rent on their house increased.

Through a friend of Amy, his wife, a caseworker for a school-based family assistance program contacted Good News Homes, founded about 10 years ago. The organization assists families evicted because of financial hardship by providing transitional housing through 10 Baptist-built, three-bedroom apartments in the cities of LaGrange and Bedford.

The apartments and other Good News Home services such as budgeting classes provide families an opportunity to “clean up their credit, pay off debts, increase their earnings, or get a better job,” director Rose Boyd said. “Whatever they need to do to get into permanent housing.”

Churches in Oldham-Trimble Association support Good News Homes in a variety of ways, as chaplains and mentors to apartment residents, small-group leaders, class facilitators, and sponsors for holidays and clients’ birthdays. Local Baptists also support a food pantry and infant resource program.