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Revival Reports


Chattanooga Valley Church in Flintstone held revival services Feb. 10-12 with evangelist Keith Fordham speaking and the Jason Lovins Band leading music. Pastor Dewayne Boudreaux reported four decisions by statement, three transfers of letter, six rededications, and 26 decisions for baptism.


Crossview Baptist Church in Fitzgerald held revival services Feb. 17-20 with evangelist Keith Fordham speaking. Pastor Barry Gordon reported seven decisions for baptism, four transfers of letters, and two rededications.


First Baptist Church of Sandersville held revival services March 2-4 with evangelist Jamey Ragle speaking. Pastor Lee Lacey reported 24 praying to receive Christ and more than 40 rededications.


Lebanon Baptist Church in Epworth held revival services march 2-5 with evangelist Keith Fordham speaking. Pastor David McClendon reports 11 salvations and one transfer of letter.