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Why do we need a prayer conference?


I believe a prayer conference is needed for many reasons. One reason is to seek spiritual renewal in the Church. Churches needing spiritual renewal will not be renewed without prayer. I want to identify seven realities that are breaking our connection (prayer) with God and preventing spiritual renewal in the Church:


• Busyness of life. The frantic pace of life is entangling believers to the point of exhaustion. When exhaustion sets in, there is little left to give to God in prayer.


• Worldliness accepted as spiritual freedom. Worldly practices are gradually taking up residency in the hearts of believers, leading them down roads of compromise. What the Bible calls sin all of a sudden doesn’t seem so bad. A heart given to justified evil may justify that prayer is useless.


• Selfishness among believers. The mantra is self-preservation over self-sacrifice. They prefer taking up personal causes over taking up the cross of Christ. Personal causes can succeed without prayer.


• Laziness in seeking God. Ask some believers to spend ten minutes in prayer and they may mock the idea as antiquated and unworthy of their time. The fact remains that prayer takes time and energy.


• Coldness toward the things of God. Spiritual apathy has left believers lethargic toward hearing, receiving, and living the truth of God’s Word. Spiritual indifference considers prayer irrelevant.


• Pettiness prioritized over purpose. Religious pettiness in its various forms has diverted God’s people away from the church’s purpose to make disciples. Prayer will move believers from pettiness to fulfilling God’s purpose.


• Faithlessness that paralyzes God’s people. Without faith how can one believe that God is able and willing to work in the lives of broken people? Without faith it is impossible to please God. Proper prayer and a living faith go hand in hand.


Let’s come together and take action by praying together, receiving biblical exhortation concerning prayer, and learning how to make prayer the foundation for the church. This is a conference that could make the difference for revival and spiritual awakening occurring in our state! Come and Hear!