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Please discontinue Catholic stories


Once again I see The Christian Index giving space to articles that pertain to the Roman Catholic Church (July 17, page 8, “Cleaning St. Peter’s …”). I strongly object to this.

For you and your reader’s education it must be pointed out that the RCC has another gospel than the gospel promoted in the Bible. While it is true that the RCC believes in the Trinity, the Virgin Birth, the resurrection of Christ, and His Deity, the following errors must be pointed out: Their source of authority is different, their justification is different, their doctrine of salvation by works is certainly different, they worship a different Jesus than the Jesus of Scripture and they are now ready to elevate Mary to co-mediatrix and co-redeemer with Christ.

I would ask that you discontinue pro-RCC articles and print articles that educate your readers on how to witness to the precious Roman Catholics who trust in their own works for salvation. They are in need of hearing the true gospel message of salvation by grace alone through faith alone through Christ alone.

How bout it?