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Beijing police beat, evict Christian activist and family as US congressmen visit


NASHVILLE, Tenn. (BP) — As two U.S. congressmen wrapped up a human rights fact-finding visit to China during the run-up to the Olympic Games, officers of Beijing’s Public Security Bureau broke down the door of a Christian activist’s apartment, beat his family, and forcibly evicted them.

During the visit Chris Smith, R.-N.J., and Frank Wolf, R.-Va., handed Chinese officials a list of 734 political prisoners jailed for promoting democracy, religious freedom, or human rights.

On July 2, PSB officials broke down the door of Hua Huiqi’s apartment and forced the family, including Hua’s 90-year-old father, onto the street with their furniture at 11:10 p.m., according to the human rights organization China Aid Association ( Hua’s brother was beaten by police officers and suffered severe eye damage. Hua and his family took refuge with a Christian family in Beijing.

“The Chinese government has expressed its intentions to either detain Hua until Sept. 20, a date well after the Olympic Games, or to remove Hua and his family completely out of Beijing during the Games,” a CAA statement said.