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A link to the Father


The Speechless 2008 Prayer Conference will provide a means of linking Godís people to the Father through prayer.


When I was in elementary school, our teacher would often have students make a paper chain link. In order to make this paper chain link, the teacher would instruct the students to take construction paper, cut it into strips, make a loop out of each paper strip, and connect them. These paper chain links were often the decorations for our class Christmas tree each year.

As I reflect on these links, I was reminded that prayer is our link, as Christians, to the Father. Prayer sustains us, strengthens us, and provides us the opportunity to spend time with the Father.

Prayer is often the most talked-about ministry in our churches and associations but often the most neglected. So often, church members will ask for prayer for those who are sick. We need to pray for those who are sick but we must not forget to pray for those individuals who are in need of the saving grace of Jesus. Leaders of our churches and associations must not forget to pray for God to orchestrate a fresh, new spiritual awakening in the hearts of Christians in our churches and associations.

There are several principles that must not be forgotten as prayer becomes our focus. First, prayer is the Christianís link to the Father. When Christians pray, individually or corporately, they unite their hearts together with each other and with the Father. When leaders and members of churches within Baptist associations pray together, a bond is created that strengthens the mission and ministry of the believer, his church, and the association. When believers pray together, their hearts are united in prayer and connected to the power source, the Holy Spirit, thus discerning Godís will and direction for the mission and ministry of the church and association.

Second, prayer is the source for spiritual awakenings and renewal. Prayer was the influence of the great spiritual awakenings in American history. Christians, churches, and associations united together to pray for God to bring about renewal of churches and believers and redemption for the lost.

America, especially Georgia, needs a fresh awakening that comes only from the Father. If our state, nation, and world population is to be reached for Christ, believers, united in prayer, must pray for God to bring forth revival of their hearts, renewal of churches, and a powerful witness to a lost world. Associations in the Georgia Baptist Convention could be and must be the catalyst that causes churches to unite in prayer.


I want to encourage you to make plans to attend and participate in the Speechless 2008 Prayer Conference as Georgia Baptists link to the Father through prayer.