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Fast facts on China


Joe Westbury/Index

A young Chinese girls stands in the doorway to the church in Penglai, China, where Lottie Moon served early in the 20th Century. Left photo, a massive stone gate stands across from that church and greeted Moon each day as she opened the doors of the building.

Name of Country: People’s Republic of China

Capital city: Beijing

Size: About 3.7 million square miles

Population: 1.3 billion

24: Number of people added to China’s population every minute

223: Number of cities with more than 1 million people

Life expectancy: 72.88 years

Ethnic groups: Han Chinese 91.9 percent; Zhuang, Manchu, Hui, Miao, Uygur, Yi, Mongolian, Tibetan, Buyi, Korean and other 8.1 percent

Language: 70 percent speak Mandarin; others speak dialects or sub-dialects

Literacy: 90.9 percent

Religions: Officially atheist; Taoism, Buddhism, Islam, Christianity, ancestor worship, shamanism

7.4 million: Number of people who will die in China this year without hearing about Jesus

Terrain: Plains, deltas and hills in east; mountains, high plateaus and deserts in west

Climate: Tropical in south to subarctic in north

Government: Communist party-led state

President: Hu Jintao

Branches of government: Executive – president, vice president, State Council, premier. Legislative – unicameral National People’s Congress. Judicial – Supreme People’s Court

Political parties: Chinese Communist Party, 70.8 million members; eight minor parties under communist supervision

Suffrage: Universal at 18

GDP (2006): $2.68 trillion

Work force (2006, 798 million): Agriculture and forestry 45 percent; industry 2 percent; services 31 percent

Currency: Yuan

Exchange rates: Yuan per U.S. dollar – 6.99 (May 2008)

Telephone country code: 86

Internet country code: .cu


Compiled by The Alabama Baptist newsjournal from information obtained through the U.S. Department of State and