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Issue Date: 2005-07-21
Volume: 184
Number: 15


Representing Christ at Atlanta's (Gay) Pride Weekend

Atlanta Pride Weekend, formerly known as Atlanta Gay Pride Weekend, has come and gone, but not without Georgia Baptists sharing the Gospel with those present for the festivities. Actually, Bill Adams of Revival-USA reached out to the Georgia Baptist Convention's Evangelism Department to help provide witnesses for what Mathew Hennie, editor of the gay newspaper Southern Voice, called a "party with a purpose."
Athens' Prince Avenue Baptist celebrates Shettel's 25 years as youth pastor

Youth pastors tend to have short tenures in the churches they serve, but not Barry Shettel, who just concluded his 25th year as the student minister at Prince Avenue Baptist Church in Athens. Born in 1942, Shettel is still going strong in his 60s and Prince Avenue pastor Bill Ricketts says that he is more effective than ever.
Graham, amid New York's tapestry, continues to point toward heaven

As he has for 60 years, Billy Graham ended his three-day New York crusade June 26 by offering about 90,000 in the crowd a glimpse of heaven. But as in perhaps no other crusade in his long history of evangelism, New York provided heaven's face.
Hurricane center's meterologist guided by faith in Christ

As Floridians hunkered down in front of television sets for the latest hurricane news, they hoped reports would not bring word of storms bearing down on their homes and worldly possessions. Yet even in the midst of their turmoil, a single, calm voice guided them through what could have been the most cataclysmic event of their lifetime.
Christian Challenge brings Christ to California campuses

Without planting in the summer there will be no harvest in the fall. And with that thought in mind, two Georgia Baptist college students are busy sowing gospel seeds in California churches and collegiate communities this summer.
South Georgia pastor leading construction effort to reach others

Beth Tilson, secretary of Temple Baptist Church eight miles south of Moultrie, describes the church's pastor as "a wild child" when he was growing up. Terry Webb, who will soon celebrate his 15th anniversary as the Temple pastor, readily admits to being a rebellious teenager.
Georgia Baptist earns award for missions work

Nancy Fountain Harrell is "100 percent missions," according to a fellow church member who nominated her for the Dr. Martha Myers GA Alumnae of Distinction Award.
Georgia Baptist disaster relief joins Dennis cleanup effort

Days after the exit of Hurricane Dennis from the Florida panhandle, volunteers with Georgia Baptist Disaster Relief were on site to help in cleanup efforts.
Columbus church's readiness for change fueled by passion for souls

Few Southern Baptist churches would remove tens of thousands of dollars worth of pews and platform furniture to install theater seats, a sound stage and a small stool and music stand for the pastor and his Bible.
Tech-savvy megachurches expand with big screens on 'satellite campuses'

Most weekends, Pastor Craig Groeschel preaches at 23 services in five church locations across Oklahoma.
Supreme Court split rulings on Ten Commandments leave wake of confusion

The U.S. Supreme Court's ambiguous, split decisions on Ten Commandments displays has left everyone from community activists to lawyers grappling over what happens next.

Baptist News Summary

Names in the News
SBC homosexuality stance unchanged; media reports called erroneous
The Southern Baptist Convention did not change its stance on homosexuality or homosexuals during its annual meeting in Nashville, SBC ethicist Richard Land said.
N.C. exec Jim Royston plans to return to the pastorate
Jim Royston, executive director-treasurer of the Baptist State Convention of North Carolina since 1998, has announced his intention to return to the pastorate, according to the convention's newsjournal, the Biblical Recorder.
WMU awards recognize local missions leaders at annual meeting June 20
Woman's Missionary Union honored five women for their leadership and service during the WMU Missions Celebration and Annual Meeting on June 20 at First Baptist Church in Nashville.
Randy Sprinkle to move from Wyo. for new post in New England
Randy Sprinkle, executive director of the Wyoming Southern Baptist Convention, has accepted a position with the Baptist Convention of New England as transformational leadership director.
NAMB video series earns 3 Telly Awards
The North American Mission Board's electronic media team has won three Telly Awards for its "E-ssentials for the On Mission Church" video series.
Black Servants Network receives 3rd journal edition
The third volume of The Journal of African American Southern Baptist History was presented during the annual meeting of the Black Southern Baptist Denominational Servants Network June 19 in Nashville, Tenn.

Religious Newsbriefs

Religious groups make pleas for choice of Supreme Court nominee
Gearing up for a showdown over President Bush's nomination to replace Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O'Connor, Jerry Falwell is circulating a petition to nominate an anti-abortion conservative while an interfaith coalition is asking Bush for bipartisan consultation.
Poll: Americans give most support to idea of faith shaping politics
Results of a recent 10-country survey show Americans were the most likely to believe religion should have a role in politics.
Fed up with pilgrims, owner of house where pope was born wants out
Fed up with pilgrims, the owner of the 18th century house in the Bavarian town of Marktl where Pope Benedict XVI was born is looking for a buyer.
Jordan's king calls on Muslims to reject terrorism in the name of Islam
Jordan's King Abdullah II has called on Muslims to redress the image of Islam as a religion of terrorism by rejecting those who "defame" it with violent acts.

People and Places

Ministerial Moves

Cooperative Program Stories

South Georgia Hispanic camp leaving teens wanting "amor"

The "Cupid Express" is the English translation for the writing on the heart-covered box that sits conspicuously in the middle of the room. The hole in the top is the place for any of the 39 campers and leaders to drop notes - signed or unsigned - to anyone else in the room.

Bible Study

Working for God

Many Christians believe that their spiritual life is only a segment of their life, only one piece of the pie. There is a social piece, a family piece, a career piece, a leisure piece, and a few other pieces thrown in. But that's not true. The spiritual life is like the crust on that pie - it is a part of every area of our lives, the foundation for all we do and think and say.
Once and Future Life

We live in a world of discouraged people. Many become so discouraged by the pressures of life that they give up. Hopeless people do desperate things; they abuse themselves and others or they seek escape in drugs and alcohol. For some, suicide seems to be the only way out. Still others quietly struggle from one day to the next, wondering if this life is all there is. Paul called it "losing heart" or "giving up" (verse 16).


Do something that produces big dividends - memorize God's Word

Angel Martinez memorized the entire New Testament and could quote it without any reservation, qualification or hesitation. I was privileged to know the noted evangelist and had him preach in several of the churches I served as pastor.
Parents who avoid dinner table arguments can get kids to eat

Is it really a Holy Bible for Christians?

The boys were about 10 years old as I recall, but youth was no excuse, according to my grandmother. During a skirmish after Sunday school, one boy hit the other over the head with his hard-bound Bible. The assailant brought down the wrath of my godly grandmother, who moved him to tears with the words: "This is the holy word of God. How dare you use it as a weapon!"
The Open Door

Yet again, God has blessed our family with a precious gift from heaven. I would like to introduce you to my newest granddaughter, Hannah Reagan Curtin. She is an angel.


"Baton" conveys truth

I've just finished reading "Passing the Baton" in the June 23 issue of the Index. At my age, 57, I have mixed feelings about the coming changes that I read about. My home church recently called a new pastor who has incorporated a number of changes in the method of worship and also how the church operates.
Who's leading?

I am concerned over the June 23 article of the Index, "Passing the Baton." I am wondering if it's an endorsement or a wake up call. The people that I have talked with that have read the articles are as disturbed as I, thinking it is an endorsement.
Power given to all

It is with much dismay that I read on the cover of The Christian Index about a transfer of power from one generation to another. The article "Passing the Baton" is very timely, but where did the idea of transferring power originate? I have been preaching the Gospel for more than 40 years and I have yet to see where Jesus gave Christian leaders power over anyone else.
Either/or shouldn't apply to worship

I have had a concern for many years about some terminology that we use in our churches and ministry ideas. Very specifically two words that, by their common use, create segmentation - traditional and contemporary.
Each to his own

I have been a Georgia Baptist all my life, having been taken to church as a child by my parents. I was ordained as a pastor in October 1955 - this making 50 years, if I live to October, which I expect to do.
Thoughts on matters of faith

I believe our country, that once magnanimous and majestic United States of America, has formally and finally turned her back on her roots, religion, and reason. I do not mean that everyone in the US has done this - that is obvious. But the powers that move our nation have done so.