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Going, Going, Gone?


In response to the article “Going, Going, Gone,” your citation of anonymous directors of evangelism was troubling. It painted an inaccurate picture that there is a level of intimidation with NAMB/state partnerships. As a NAMB missionary and state director of missions, I have found that we can have mature conversations about important issues and coordination of funding partnerships.

Your hit piece on NAMB will do little to help the NEI. Instead, your tabloid style of journalism will keep Baptists from praying, engaging, sowing, and harvesting by distracting them with old-fashioned denominational politics.

I urge your anonymous sources to bring their concerns to the people involved. Let’s not derail this National Evangelism Initiative ... this is bigger than NAMB. I continue to pray for Dr. Hammond and the entire NAMB staff as well as each state convention that also has a role in the initiative.



Editor’s Note: The article did not question the integrity of the initiative but how it will be funded. The Index is fully behind the evangelism approach but, as state directors of evangelism and state executives have shared with us – and NAMB – on many occasions, they are greatly distressed with the lack of monies that are laying the foundation for a successful media buy. NAMB is not being faulted for the failure of initiatives of the previous administration. However, the substantial purchase of a media presence, either national or on a targeted basis, lies squarely with current leadership. We are standing at an important crossroads in the rollout of this initiative as state partners plan their 2010 budgets. If they are not immediately provided a firm budget for the media campaign– not a general suggestion of all funds that may be spent for GPS – then the initiative could be crippled beyond repair. As the article stated, those partners are very wary of accepting a promissory note from the agency based on past experience. The lost of North America deserve the best of Southern Baptists; anything less than a total commitment will be a spiritual disaster.