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Bringing back our American heritage


After an election that has disappointed many Christians, a distressed economy, and traditional Christian American values seemingly in decline, we who are called by His Name may be wondering how we can change things. We’ve tried for decades to elect the “right” people and push for the “right” laws. We’ve had successes and failures in that approach, but overall, it is an approach that has not worked.

We need to see biblical principles applied to civil government without creating a theocracy, as our Founders did. Since electing the “right” people and enforcing the “right” laws hasn’t worked, then what will, and why hasn’t it worked?

The first and most important job you and I have is to reach and disciple people for Christ. Christians (by which I mean the body of believers who are practicing their faith) have become a minority culture. How can we expect people to vote for the protection of life, for taxing less and spending less, for a strong defense, for a small, less intrusive government, and for freedom and liberty when most of those people have no idea of the biblical reasons for them?

How can they understand such things of God if they are not saved, and how can they be saved if we are not obeying the Great Commission? Is it any wonder the lost in America fall prey to the myths of global warming, “a woman’s choice,” and socialism? Is it any wonder that so many Christians who are under-discipled also buy into these same worldly myths?

When the Great Awakening took place, it was Christians, spreading the Word as lay people, and living such obviously changed lives, that led to others being saved and only a few years later, enough of a generation of colonists who were moved by God to establish a new country on biblical principles unlike anything the world had seen, and to the end that God was to be glorified.

We need to remain vocal and engaged in the public sector politically, to be certain. But that is secondary to our “prime directive” – reaching and discipling others for Christ. Revivals and altar calls are still a part of God’s work in this world, but the primary way people are saved is by the witness in word and deed – the acts of sacrificial love – by individual believers.