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Issue Date: 2004-03-11
Volume: 183
Number: 6


Perdue shares with young professionals how obedience to God led to governor's mansion

Georgia Gov. Sonny Perdue said it was the calling of God in his life – revealed in part through a missionary’s sermon at his church – that led him to leave his “comfort zone” and run for the state’s elected office in 2001.
Baptists and advocates for traditional marriage converge at Capitol in support of ammendment

On Feb. 26 Senate Resolution 595, a proposed amendment to define marriage as between a man and a woman, went to the Georgia House floor for debate and a vote. In order to pass, a constitutional majority of 120 votes is needed.
State Evangelism Conference experiences rebirth, revitalization in Augusta

In the midst of singing It Is Well With My Soul, Reggie Sadler bent down in a crouching position, then stood on tiptoe and shouted in a high- pitched voice, “Whoopee!”
Romanian refugee now helping others learn of Christ in their own 'heart language'

Having risked their lives to escape from communist Romania in 1980, Mark Hobafcovich and his friends had just arrived as refugees in Australia when a stranger showed up at their door.

Georgia Newsbriefs

Name change reflects mission of ministry
Bible Study Ministries of the Georgia Baptist Convention officially changed its name Feb. 9 to Sunday School/Open Group Ministries.
Former Georgia Missionary Charles Fanshaw dies
Charles “Al” Fanshaw, former Georgia missionary, passed away Feb. 27 in Conway, S.C. He was 71.
National Meeting of the Baptist Medical/Dental Fellowship held April 1-4
“Unto the Least of These” will be the theme of the national meeting of the Baptist Medical/Dental Fellowship to be held at Callaway Gardens April 1-4.

Religious Newsbriefs

Poll: Americans read Bible literally
Most Americans believe in a literal interpretation of biblical stories such as Moses parting the Red Sea, according to an ABC News poll that also showed the vast majority of Americans do not blame Jews for the death of Jesus.
American pastor dies in ambush in Iraq
The U.S. military has confirmed that gunmen killed an American pastor Feb. 14 in an ambush outside Baghdad.
NFL rescinds $5,000 fine on football player for wearing Christian cap during interview
The National Football League has rescinded a fine that had been levied against Cincinnati Bengals’ quarterback Jon Kitna for wearing a baseball-style cap bearing the Christian cross.
Young pastors growing in numbers, differ with their older colleagues in shaping ministry
The number of young Protestant senior pastors has doubled in the last two years, from 22,000 to more than 45,000, a Barna Research Group study has concluded.

People and Places

Honors and Achievements
Ministerial Moves

Cooperative Program Stories

GBC staff to help in promoting revival, witnessing

Georgia Baptist Convention staff members aren’t just promoting revivals, they’re leading the way.

Bible Study

Refusing to Compromise

Daniel 3 explains that those who follow the Lord must be prepared to live in conflict with a secularized society. At least 9 of Daniel’s 12 chapters deal with conflict between those who follow the Lord and those who do not. Such conflict is to be seen as normal rather than abnormal!
Acting Decisively

Let me introduce you to a woman named Esther, a woman who, when she had her moment in the spotlight, did not waste that moment. As a sportscaster might say, she stepped to the plate, swung the bat, and drove in the winning run.


Lessons in a Winter Wonderland

With a desire to make some meaningful contribution to our partnership with the Baptist Convention of New York, I recently flew to the Empire State to spend three days with J. B. Graham, executive director of our sister state Convention to the north.
Difficult adopted daughter needs attentive parenting

10 questions to ask about The Passion

Judging by ticket sales and media attention, the movie by Mel Gibson, The Passion of The Christ, already is one of the most popular and controversial films of our time. These questions will help in thinking through the movie or in discussing it with others.
Seeds From The Sower

There was a monarch who worried his court by disappearing and walking incognito among his people.
The Open Door

Having two children just sixteen months apart can be hard on a mother. Mindful of that, Janice has been diligent to help Karen with our new arrival, Ben, and Ryan, who is now seventeen months old. Add to this the fact that we have our two-year-old granddaughter, Lauren, at our house while her parents are away for a few days and anyone can understand that the ladies need a break.


Passion is truth

Since the day that Mel Gibson announced he would be putting the story of Jesus’ last 12 hours on the big screen, controversy has surrounded The Passion of the Christ. Jewish factions have declared that it’s anti-Semitic. Others have said it’s too violent.
Purpose of Constitution is to defend the people