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What direction will we take?


First, let me say how I thank God for The Index and it’s faithfulness on standing for the Word and really being the “conscious” of our Convention. We are so blessed to have Dr. Harris, Dr. White, and all of the GBC staff.

As a pastor, I have stood in awe at the “heart” that I have seen in the twelve years I have served in Georgia as Dr. White has led our Convention to take some very “unpopular,” but biblical stands on issues that met with much negative press. Our church has gone to prayer many times to lift up our GBC leaders during those difficult places.

Because of the strong biblical stands in the past, it was with great sorrow that I listened to what I believe was an attempt to “handle” the issue of FBC Decatur calling a woman pastor by “returning” their money. This is like when we have sin in our life and pray a “general” prayer and say Lord I confess “any and all” sin that I may have done. For me … that doesn’t work! The heavens become brass and God burdens my heart to confess the particular sin and deal with it and then can I count on His forgiveness according to 1 John 1:9.

I see our Convention on a dangerous path to “Laodicea.” Where are our “hot-hearted” men of God that will cry out against our trying to “hide” the sin in the camp rather than dealing with it lovingly, but clearly!

Yes I know about local autonomy … but in the past if they were not in agreement with our Baptist Faith and Message, they were not us. Yes … let them have women pastors, etc., but if they do let them identify with a denomination that believes as they do.

Many godly women serve in WMU and other positions in our SBC churches across our land and praise God for them. We have many godly women serving in our church and even have one godly lady on our staff as director of missions. But, she is not an ordained minister or pastor, and has always blessed me with her submission to my authority as senior pastor.

Are we going the path of other denominations and head to Laodicea, or will we repent and go back and do the “first works?” I know not what course others will take, but as for me … I’m going by the way of the Book!