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NAMB evangelism story: news content or editorial?


I am saddened that our state paper published its recent article titled “Going, Going, Gone” as a real article and did not acknowledge it as the opinion piece that it is. Is this really news for the front page of the print edition or the headlined story on the Web?

I noticed that the writer was a bit negative. He used dangerous terms like “intermingled” and “co-mingled” related to budgets and funds at the North American Mission Board. Those are dangerous words when related to financial issues.

I like it that NAMB is focusing on this evangelistic strategy. I know how a church or organization can re-focus every area of ministry on a strategy instead of just a line item in the budget or a department. This evangelistic endeavor is in its infancy stage. Let’s let the overall ministry and funding strategy be developed as it should.

Under staff morale, the writer stated that Roy Fish handed over an “invigorated, newly energized staff” to the new administration. How could an interim actually do that? I believe in Roy Fish as a leader, but realize that the underlying staff struggles cannot be dealt with in any ministry or organization until long-term leadership is given the freedom to lead.

What is this “new era of openness and fairness” that apparently developed that is now not allowed? Sounds like a clarifying conversation with staff is in order if they are talking speaking in terms like this.

Another quote of the writer’s: “all was not well in Alpharetta.” What’s this guy’s deal? “Micro-management” and “top-down governing style” are both negative terms that he uses in his article. Aren’t leaders supposed to lead?

Many of the statements that the writer made are ridiculous statements for someone to hurl at another ministry under the tent of Southern Baptists. Why are we so willing to hurl accusations publicly at those who’ve had just over a year to lead? This all sounds like a real spiritual problem to me.