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Issue Date: 2005-10-13
Volume: 184
Number: 21


Breaking up fallow ground in France: No easy task

A graduating seminarian stood out among his peers with the prospect of a most promising future. In fact, he was offered a position as associate pastor in a very prestigious city church upon completing his degree.
Dramas bring churches together for autumn evangelism

You'll have to excuse Jeannie Barfield for her growing excitement when summer comes to an end and fall begins to take over.
Pilot of B-2 Stealth Bomber is spiritual leader in home, church and community

Some men have such a compelling demeanor, such a depth of character and are such pillars of strength that they make an indelible impression upon your life. Major Brian D. Neal, a pilot for the United States Air Force, is such a man. Neal is patently unassuming, but remarkably exceptional in many ways.
Long-term help, long-term ministry from Georgia Baptists

PASCAGOULA, MISS. - Everywhere you turn are temporary signs boldly spray-painted on big sheets of plywood. One seems to catch the spirit of Mississippi Baptists: "Be thankful you're alive. Everything else can be fixed."
Ten Commandments Georgia launches next initiative at fundraiser

Comparing American society to a driver cruising down a highway unaware the bridge is out, Sen. Zell Miller cautioned a group of listeners at Atlanta's Capital City Club that without a moral warning sign posted at the edge of the road, Americans are hurtling toward a similar crash.
GBCC-Toccoa now temporary home of special needs evacuees

TOCCOA - It appears the early preparations for housing Katrina evacuees at GBCC-Toccoa (the Index, Sept. 29) was a dry run at the real thing.
Getting your arms around Mississippi

Want to help with Mississippi disaster relief efforts?
GBC Executive Committee affirms record budget, extends Moldova partnership

The Executive Committee of the Georgia Baptist Convention, presided over by chairman Wayne Hamrick, met at the Baptist Center in Atlanta Sept. 27 and approved a record Cooperative Program Budget of $50,500,000 for 2006.
Foundation in Scripture crucial, speaker's tournament winner says

On Aug. 3 the 2005 Youth Speaker's Tournament winner Olivia Neeley presented her award winning speech to staff of the Georgia Baptist Convention during their weekly chapel service. The home-schooled high school senior is a member of Harp's Crossing Baptist Church in Fayetteville.

Georgia Newsbriefs

Cloud named new associational missionary
Kenneth Cloud will return to his native Decatur County and assume his new role as associational missionary for Bowen Baptist Association Sept. 26. He succeeds Charles Holland, who retired Aug. 31.
Resolutions Guidelines released for November 14-15 GBC meeting

Religious Newsbriefs

Muslim version of Barbie creating "Fulla fever"
(BP) - As many Muslims in the Middle East tend to be appalled by the sex-drenched American culture, one toymaker has unearthed a gold mine of sorts by offering an alternative to the curvy blonde American icon known for decades as Barbie.
Russian abortions now outnumber births
(BP) - Russia has more abortions than live births each year, the country's leading obstetrician says.
At this British school, F-word may be spoken
(RNS) - Pupils at a British school are being allowed to use the f-word as frequently as five times a lesson without being reprimanded, according to a London newspaper.
Poll finds support for teaching creationism alongside evolution in public schools
WASHINGTON - Nearly two-thirds of Americans support teaching creationism alongside evolution in public schools, according to a new poll, but there is far less agreement over who gets to decide what is taught.

People and Places

Ministerial Moves

Cooperative Program Stories

Reflecting the Son for more than 50 years

They arrive early in the morning to start preparing for the evening concert. Between setting up instruments, making sound checks and holding group business meetings, there is a lot of laughter and a lot of friendship.

Bible Study

Honor God in His Church

We live in a day of spiritual compromise. One could compare it to the times immediately following the death of Joshua. In those days the people began to make practical compromises in their walk with the Lord that soon led to spiritual lukewarmness and ultimately deadness.
Follow God's Example

Bruce Wilkinson has written a great book entitled First Hand Faith. He gives the analogy that everybody is sitting in one of three spiritual chairs. Each chair represents a life lived in relation to God.


Single parenting is the challenge of a lifetime

How should one respond to Republicans' ethical troubles?

The Open Door

Grandchildren are a blessing from God! You may know that Janice and I enjoy six grandchildren under the age of four and one-half. I have never had more fun in my life than I do when I am playing with my grandchildren.
A Missional Church

Thanks so much to The Christian Index for the Sept. 29 article on the missional church. For many evangelicals, the terminology is new, but the actual practice is as old as the church and her sacred effort. Now that the word "missional" is on the front page of The Christian Index, Lifeway's Facts & Trends, and throughout Baptist Press, it is good to be clear what the word means and why it matters so much.
Baptist - A Pretty Good Name

Identity theft is a serious problem in America today. In fact, the Federal Trade Commission has been assigned the responsibility of helping individuals repair the damage caused by identity theft. American Express has established its own Fraud Protection Center stating that identity theft was the largest consumer complaint lodged in 2004.


More to offer

I enjoyed and agreed with the articles on the need to bring the unchanging message to our communities in culturally relevant ways. The American culture (which was a result of free people applying Christian faith) that we have had for over 200 years - which depended on a majority of Americans being believers or God-fearers - is no longer the dominant culture. For good or bad, we have a variety of distinct cultures in the U.S. in which there are lost people desperately in need of Christ.
Break free, reach out

What an encouraging article on "Stained Glass and Starbucks"! A native Maconite, I am now serving a Florida panhandle congregation which has "adapted" and is seeing wonderful growth. I'll have to tell you that I have never considered coming back to Georgia to serve because every time I talked to people in ministry, I'd hear about the same old battles which I'd just as soon not revisit.
Battle against pornography

Over the last several weeks, we have all been overwhelmed at the devastation and the destruction of the hurricanes. We have seen a lot of churches and other organizations come together to assist these families.
Poor = spiritual submission

Dale Hanson Bourke's article in the Index about faith among the poor (page 4, Sept. 29) may have pulled at heartstrings, but it is reprehensible to misquote Scripture for the sake of proving a point.
Giving the wrong message

I found the article "Did Hurricane Katrina deliver a spiritual message?" (page 11, Sept. 15) strange and peculiar. We are not a people who believe like the early Greeks, that some enormous god in the heavens gets a thrill out of treating humans like puppets or stirs up the ocean waters with his finger to create a massive hurricane that wipes out thousands of humans.
Encounter culture, don't condemn it

It was with great joy that I opened my recent Index to find the articles by Joe Westbury on "Stained Glass and Starbucks." Sound the alarm, Joe, while there are still some left to hear it. This is a crucial article in the lives of Georgia Baptists and we had better heed its truth lest we become footnotes in the kingdom of God.