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Do "Standing Orders" mean anything anymore?


At the most recent Executive Committee meeting of the Georgia Baptist Convention, I condemned the revised version of our nation’s history that is being taught in many of our public school classrooms. In fact, the theft of America’s historical perspective is an important part of the remaking of the American conscience, the American consciousness, and the American consensus.

The sad truth is that our Constitution is under siege; and the shrinking minority of Americans that understand our history must watch with incredulity as our justices and legislators interpret this founding document with reckless abandon.

You will hear nothing but praise from the liberal press regarding the remaking of America, because they are committed to the agenda of the architects of the “changes” that are being foisted upon our populace.

It is obvious that the major media organs in this country have become purveyors of conventional liberal wisdom.

The Roper Organization conducted a poll after the 1992 election and discovered that 93 percent of Washington political reporters voted for Bill Clinton. Only 2 percent identified themselves as conservative. That explains why Clinton’s popularity remained high during most of his administration, even during the Lewinski affair. He had the press in his hip pocket.

The media’s love affair with the liberal agenda has worsened, if anything, but many news agencies are in trouble. The nation’s newspapers are hemorrhaging readers. Television networks are losing viewers.

What is the matter? Do Americans no longer care about getting the news? Of course, they do. The problem is they don’t think they are getting objective news coverage and for the most part, they are right.

The Christian Index may be no more objective in its editorials than the liberal press, but we will consistently present the “conservative” side of the issue. Additionally, we try to present our side to make a point.

For example, David Horowitz, in his new book “One Party Classroom,” gives multiple examples of how “radical professors at American’s top colleges indoctrinate students and undermine our democracy.”

Commenting on the book, Robert McCormick, professor of Jurisprudence and Director of the James Madison Program in American Ideals and Institutions at Princeton University, “A professor’s job is not to tell students what to think; it is to help them to think carefully, critically, and for themselves.

“There is a legitimate place for the catechist, the preacher, the social activist, and the community organizer; but that place is not the university classroom. Professors who seek to indoctrinate their students violate a sacred trust.”

For example, in California the state-supported colleges and universities are supposed to be governed by the “Standing Orders” of the university Regents. These “Orders” state each school must “remain aloof from politics and never function as an instrument for the advance of partisan interests.”

These same “Standing Orders” mandate that professors must never allow the classroom “to be used for political indoctrination.”

According to Horowitz, one of the many schools that flagrantly disregard the “Orders” prescribed by the Board of Regents is the University of California at Santa Cruz. This institution of higher learning describes one of its seminars, or classes, as follows: “The goal of this seminar is to learn how to organize a revolution. We will learn what communities past and present have done and are doing to resist, challenge, and overcome systems of power including (but not limited to) global capitalism, state oppression, and racism.”

Horowitz concludes, “This is the outline of a political agenda, not the description of scholarly inquiry.”

Donna Haraway is a professor in the Department of History of Consciousness and the Department of Feminist Studies at Santa Cruz. Horowitz professes that she has actually described herself as a cyborg and insists that the line between human beings and machines has been erased.

“In her latest book, ‘Primate Visions,’” Horowitz exclaims, “Haraway, [says] the line between animals and humans is also nonexistent. … [T]hat humans are merely another form of animal, and that any view of humans as fundamentally different from the rest of the animal kingdom is a form of wrongheaded human exceptionalism.”

No wonder we have left-wing politicians and activists who want to undermine the Constitution and start a revolution. Furthermore, with professors like Haraway promulgating their misguided doctrine, it is not surprising that the personhood of mankind from fertilization to natural death is held in contempt by many who should be able to think for themselves and know better.

The point I want to make is that if the California university professors would be true to the “Standing Orders” of the Board of Regents, there would not be such rebellion against the principles upon which this nation was founded. Furthermore, the schools would not be producing nearly as many revolutionary-spirited, liberal, militant students who feel like they have to “change” the country.

Comparatively, the church has some “Standing Orders” as well. They come from the Regent Head of the Universe. Like the college professors at Santa Cruz, we have ignored those “Orders.” Consequently, the church has become powerless to make any significant impact upon our society.

Interestingly, there is still a significant number of people who come to church on Sundays supposedly to get their divine “Orders,” but few actually carry them out.

Even the most conservative among us gather at McDonalds for breakfast or Starbucks for coffee and discuss the terrible trends that are developing that seem to be taking us down the road to ruin.

We lament the moral decline of the nation, the greedy CEOs of the Fortune 500 companies, the lewdness of Hollywood, the corruption of politics, the atrocity of abortion, the proliferation of crime, the increase in the divorce rate, the abuse of women, the abduction of children, the plight of the homeless, and a multitude of other things, but our commitment has been reduced to commentary, our passion to palaver, our dedication to mere discussions.

We must get our faith and our commitment to God – yes, God Himself – back into the concourse of life, in the marketplace, in the halls of government, in the schoolhouses of the nation.

I was at the senate committee hearing under the Gold Dome for the discussion of SB-169 on embryonic stem cell research. Dan Becker, director of Georgia Right to Life, and Mike Griffin, GRLT policy advocate, asked me to speak to the committee on the bill.

I basically said, “I believe the vast majority of Georgia Baptists believe in the sanctity of life from fertilization to natural death. I also believe that no one’s right to a cure transcends another person’s right to life. We must stop destructive embryonic stem cell research.

“In Proverbs 6 the Bible tells us that there are six things that God hates. One of them is ‘hands that shed innocent blood.’ I don’t see how any God-fearing person could vote for something that God hates.”

When I made that statement someone said, “Oh, now the Baptists are going to bring God into it.”

Georgia Baptists, it is time for us to bring God and His only begotten Son, not only into our debates, but also into our daily lives wherever we go. We are doomed to fail without Him. Through Him we are more than conquerors.