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Issue Date: 2005-10-27
Volume: 184
Number: 22


Lottie’s legacy
China’s newest church opens to crowds: standing-room only

China’s newest church opened its doors for worship on May 29 and more than 5,000 members and visitors flooded the sanctuary to hear the Gospel presentation.
Missionaries made the difference

Lottie would be proud.
No clowning around about evangelism in the inner city

Terry and Pat Powell, members of Hebron Baptist Church in Dacula, were enjoying great success in the business world as executives for Fortune 500 companies. Terry was the security director for Lord and Taylor while Pat was operations director for Godiva Chocolates. However, in obedience to God’s call both resigned their positions and launched out into a ministry to children.
Rome family among those in International World Changers Family Project

At the beginning of the week, 12-year-old Kelsey Jackson was shy, staying close behind her mom, Leslie, as they visited schools and handed out tracts in the busy Ambato, Ecuador, market.
An overview of Baptist work among Chinese in Georgia
Descendant of Lottie’s ministry attends dedication

As ninety-year-old Stella Tong sat on the front pew, she could hardly believe her eyes. She was born in a China that did not value education for children, much less girls – but a missionary from Georgia changed all that.
Henry Association’s annual meeting drawing church involvement

When Clarence Steiner was appointed as the first missionary in Henry Association in 1994, he decided to do something different with the annual meeting.
New Shorter College board focus on future
Nelson Price elected as Shorter’s chairman

Shorter College’s new trustees met for the first time on Oct. 21 and elected retired Marietta pastor Nelson Price as chairman. The board affirmed the interim presidency of Harold E. Newman and pledged their continued support for him as they laid groundwork for the new administration.
Preparing early for disaster is key
1,300 new Georgia Disaster relief volunteers trained at Oct. 8 session

When the frequency, strength and expanding scope of natural disasters seem to more and more resemble the seven bowls of wrath in Revelation, the need for help is magnified.
Mascot change reflective of growth at Truett-McConnell

In keeping with its changing academic status, Truett-McConnell is leaving man’s best friend behind for a mascot many are finding easy to bear.

Baptist News Summary

Layman plans motion to restore N.C. to original CP giving plan
For the second time in as many years, Ted Stone will offer a motion at the Baptist State Convention of North Carolina’s annual meeting to abolish the convention’s multiple-giving plan and return to the historic, single option, Cooperative Program giving plan.
Three natural disasters prompt Baptist aid in Central America
The International Mission Board is responding to three natural disasters – a hurricane, volcanic eruption and earthquake – that delivered blows within a matter of days to the people of Guatemala, El Salvador and surrounding areas in Central America.
After appeal, BGCT again denies exhibit space to Southwestern
For the second time in as many years, the Baptist General Convention of Texas has denied exhibit space at its annual convention to Southwestern Seminary.
Names in the news
Ridgecrest builds to accommodate Centrifuge growth, guests’ needs
The sounds of backhoes and bulldozers, for the moment, are mingling with the sounds of nature at Ridgecrest.
Record 7.3 million meals provided to victims of Hurricanes Katrina & Rita
An all-time record was reached earlier this month with more than 7.3 million meals prepared to date for victims of Hurricanes Katrina and Rita under the Southern Baptists’ mammoth disaster relief effort across the Gulf Coast.
Two Baptist schools told to change mascots
Representatives from two Baptist-affiliated colleges say their schools will comply with the NCAA’s decision to ban the use of American Indian mascots and logos by sports teams, although one of the schools is appealing.

Religious Newsbriefs

Los Angeles home to most evangelicals
Contrary to its stereotypical labels like “Godless Hollywood” and “Lost Angeles,” Los Angeles is the metropolitan area with the greatest number of evangelical adults. Its one million faithful Christians are more than those in the New York, Chicago and Boston metropolitan areas combined, according to a study by The Barna Group.
University of Georgia study to examine impact of prayer on couples
Researchers at the University of Georgia will examine the effects of prayer on marital relationships in a three-year study beginning this fall.
Catholic priest in India wins $1 million Opus prize for humanitarian efforts
A Catholic priest fighting poverty in India is the 2005 recipient of the $1 million Opus prize, awarded by a Minneapolis-based foundation that honors humanitarianism.
Concerned it might offend Muslims, British museum removes sculpture
Out of concern it might offend Muslims in the wake of July’s suicide bombings, a London art museum has removed a sculpture made by one of Britain’s leading conceptual artists.

People and Places

Ministerial Moves

Cooperative Program Stories

Ladies, step right up for ministry; Georgia Baptists offer support at fair

The Baby Comfort station at the Georgia National Fair is finally on the map.

Bible Study

Carefully Evaluate Explanantions

It never fails. Anytime a tragedy of immense proportions strikes a home, a family or a nation, someone always asks, “How could God let this happen?” As if, in some way or another, God caused the tragedy or He was unable or unwilling to prevent it. The notion that bad things happen to bad people has a basis in Scripture, but many people mistakenly explain all bad things that happen to people as judgment from God. Others go to the opposite extreme and explain all tragic events as the results of human choices or simply bad luck.
Respond with Faith

I learned very early in my childhood that life is full of disappointment. I was never allowed to get all the toys I wanted when my mom took me to the mall. I didn’t win the big football game when the team was counting on me.


One coach’s lesson in life

A high school football coach in New Jersey had two words for school officials who told him he had to stop leading his team in a pre-game prayer.
The Open Door

In 1925, God led Southern Baptists to establish the Cooperative Program as the means through which they would support mission ministry around the globe. Little could they have known how God would bless this glorious means of supporting Kingdom ministry.
Creative action can motivate your child ’s behavior

A Convention meeting that could shape the lives of our youths

I grew up in a small town in the foothills of North Carolina. Our church owned a house at Ridgecrest, the home of one our Southern Baptist retreat centers. I loved going to Ridgecrest and went as often as possible during my teenage years. I heard some of the giants of our Southern Baptist Convention preach the Gospel and their messages made an indelible impact upon my life.


Beyond methodology

Thanks for your exceptional article, “Stained Glass & Starbucks.” It was particularly refreshing for me because of my heritage in youth ministry.
Church culture not = Great Commission calling

Thank you for your recent article titled “Stained Glass & Starbucks.” It is no doubt a subject that should be on the front page of every Southern Baptist publication.
Dropping “Baptist” shameful

Indeed, “Baptist” is a wonderful name! (Index editorial, Oct. 13). Its heritage is a proud and bold one. Why, then, are some Baptist churches removing the word “Baptist” from their signs?
Definition of praise

This is in response to the letter in the Aug. 18 issue regarding “praise songs” that were referenced in the “Passing the Baton” (June 23) article. I do not claim to be a Bible scholar, but I can say with a reasonable amount of certainty that my Bible does not have a verse where God told us we have to sing the hymns out of hymnals that were not even in existence at that time. And surely the people who sang psalms and hymns and spiritual songs in David’s time did not use our hymnals either.
Minister to needs

Two ideas that have come to the surface in the SBC are the missional church model and younger leaders. It should surprise no one that they have arisen in the same timeframe. The emphasis given in Joe Westbury’s recent article in the Index (“Stained Glass and Starbucks”, Sept 29) that a “both/and approach” is needed is correct.
Gospel makes a difference

I was glad to see the article “Stained Glass and Starbucks” in a recent edition of The Christian Index, but I’m afraid the message presented may be missing the “fruit” for the trees.
Shed old patterns

We have read the “Stained Glass and Starbucks” articles in the Sept. 29 issue several times because it is so pertinent to the present situation our local church, Buena Vista Baptist Church in Vista, Calif.