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Looking for Christ in the marketplace


I recently watched an episode of Extreme Makeover on CMT. It was an incredible story of a single lady who adopted children who were HIV positive.

I sat in shock at her story and how she was persecuted by people who were ignorant about HIV. In the two hour show an additional complex was built in upstate New York for kids to go to camp with HIV. In the dedication of the facility some of the children gave their testimonies.

In dismay, I was stunned as they shared about how they were asked to leave churches because of the HIV.

In my previous ministry in Florida, we had folks with special needs children coming to our church, because they were asked to leave their former churches because of their children. Their stories were stunning and truly sad.

I have read the New Testament time and again. Jesus ministered in the market place if you have it the world.

We are to be his agents in giving the life-giving water to all. Our churches well, His church should be the hospitals for people who are hurting and needing spiritual healing. They should be places for people to find hope.

In this new year ahead my earnest prayer for us as Georgia Baptists and Southern Baptists is simply: Father God, would you help us to get outside of our walls, and be servants working in the market place, the fields, the alley ways, the ugly places, the cold places, the dark places, and the lonely places.

Oh, God help our lights to shine brighter for you in this New Year.