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No appreciation for Miss California photo


As I read The Christian Index this week I was amazed that you chose to use a picture of Miss California in a dress that was so provocative. As Christians we need to be mindful that a lost world should see a difference in the way a lady who is a Christian dresses versus the way a woman of the world dresses.

There is never an excuse for a woman to have cleavage showing when she is outside her home!!! We need to realize that the scripture teaches that a Christian woman should dress modestly and not in a way that she would gain the eyes of the men around her (I Tim. 2:9a. “In like manner also, that women adorn themselves in modest apparel…”). There seems to be a problem even in our churches with women who don’t know how to dress modestly.

For heaven’s sake women, please understand that God made a man to respond to what he sees, so please cover your body up when you are going out in public!! We as women will answer to God for causing men to have thoughts they would have never had toward us if we would just have been dressed appropriately.

The world says “showing skin is in” but God says it is a sin for a Christian woman to dress like the world. Let us teach our young women and our children what a Christian lady should dress like because the world would like for them to look just like they do – showing their breasts and their bottoms!!

I pray that God will show Christian ladies that they don’t need to just say they believe in Christ but they should behave what they say they believe!!!!