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Issue Date: 2005-11-24
Volume: 184
Number: 24


Georgia Baptists vote to end relationship with Mercer University after 172 years

The Georgia Baptist Convention by an overwhelming majority voted to sever its 172-year-old relationship with Mercer University in a historic decision made at its annual session here on Nov. 15th. The vote was based on years of mistrust between the two institutions, and was inflamed by last month's discovery of a student-led gay lesbian bisexual transgender organization that had existed since 2002.
GBC Convention photos
Relationships begun, ended, celebrated at Convention

Messengers at the 184th annual session of the Georgia Baptist Convention were greeted by fellow Georgia Baptists in more than a dozen languages. With the theme "Celebrate the Harvest," members from some of the 310 ethnic and 116 African-American congregations greeted almost 1,900 messengers during the state missions report.
Congressmen urge Bush to protect military chaplains' religious liberty

Members of Congress are calling on President Bush to preserve the religious freedom of chaplains in the armed services.
The culture wars make a stop at Thanksgiving

Ever since John Winthrop proclaimed in 1630 a mission to establish "a shining city on a hill" to inspire the world, America has grappled with notions of a national destiny led by the hand of God.
At Bellevue, thousands say goodbye to Adrian Rogers 'til heavenly reunion

A golden, 8-foot shepherd's staff leaned against the casket.
Ten Commandments Georgia looking forward in statewide promotion
Barrow County case payment complete, legal and promotional debt remain

With a check of $52,681.59, Ten Commandments Georgia paid the remaining court debt to Barrow County commissioners Nov. 8. The group's president, Jody Hice, and executive director, Mike Griffin, were on hand to present the check to commissioners.
Hamrick elected Convention president

Ten months ago Frank Cox, pastor of North Metro First Baptist Church in Lawrenceville, announced that he was going to nominate evangelist Wayne Hamrick as the president of the Georgia Baptist Convention. True to his word, Cox nominated Hamrick, extolling his virtues as a pastor, church growth strategist and evangelist while declaring, "Wayne Hamrick represents who we are as Georgia Baptists."

Baptist News Summary

Long-term recovery now targeted in post-hurricane disaster relief
Southern Baptist Disaster Relief workers are gradually scaling back most feeding operations throughout the Gulf States and switching into long-term cleanup, recovery and rebuilding.
Carter reaffirms pro-life stance
"I never have felt that any abortion should be committed - I think each abortion is the result of a series of errors," former President Jimmy Carter told The Washington Times on Nov 3. "I've never been convinced, if you let me inject my Christianity into it, that Jesus Christ would approve abortion."
NOBTS enrollment numbers remain steady as 2,500 continue coursework
An initial enrollment tally conducted by the New Orleans Seminary registrar's office revealed an overwhelming majority of students from the seminary's main campus have remained in school following Hurricane Katrina.
Henry announces 'redeployment' from Orlando pastorate
Jim Henry will step down as co-pastor of First Baptist Church in Orlando March 31, 2006, he has announced in a letter sent to the church members in October.
Business dean of Baptist university ousts gay alumnus from board
A Baylor University alumnus has been removed from an advisory board for the Baptist university's business school because he is gay.
Tennessee Baptists to review 1951 contract stipulating Belmont Univ. ties
Messengers to the Tennessee Baptist Convention annual meeting cut funding for Belmont University but delayed acting on a proposed resolution defining the relationship between the two entities, further lengthening a process that began three and a half years ago and could open the door to legal action.
Ky. messengers overwhelmingly approve Georgetown proposal
In a historic, relationship-altering move, Kentucky Baptist Convention messengers voted overwhelmingly Nov. 15-16 to approve a new ministry partnership with Georgetown College.

Religious Newsbriefs

British Baptist Union loses 30,000 children in two years; increases in adult attendance
Children's attendance in the Baptist Union of Great Britain has fallen by more than 30,000 during a two-year period, according to a report by Christian Today in London Oct. 25.
Bulgaria denies entry to founder of Unification Church, citing presence as "undesirable"
Bulgaria barred Sun Myung Moon, founder and leader of the Unification Church, from entering the country for a lecture on world peace and a "symbolic" wedding of a group of couples.
Hindus protest British Christmas stamp
Britain's 700,000-member Hindu community is protesting a Christmas stamp just issued by the Royal Mail that shows Nativity figures with Hindu marks on their foreheads.
Pope advocates for more "families with lots of children" to counter low fertility rates
Pope Benedict XVI on Nov. 2 called on Italian lawmakers to provide incentives to large families as Europe continues to struggle with sagging fertility rates.

People and Places

Ministerial Moves

Cooperative Program Stories

Acknowledging eight decades of Cooperation

Georgia Baptists celebrated Thanksgiving a week early this year. At the annual meeting in Columbus, a glowing 80-candle five-tiered cake was presented to messengers, signifying the celebration of 80 years of the Cooperative Program.

Bible Study

Why Care?

The first chapter of Rick Warren's groundbreaking book, The Purpose Driven Life, begins with these words, "It's not about you.
Why Me?

God has called each of us to be on mission in our lives. At work, at school, at home and at play, we are called to be missionaries to our culture and to our world. Many Christians presume that missions has nothing to do with them. They may pray for missionaries and give to missions but to them, missions is something that happens in a faraway place.


Separate Sex-Ed classes make sense for boys and girls

Adrian P. Rogers: A Man of God

"FAREWELL" was the lone word unfurled across the top of front page of The Commercial Appeal on Friday, November 18th. That was the word used by the Memphis, Tenn. newspaper to say goodbye to Adrian Pierce Rogers, the beloved pastor emeritus of Bellevue Baptist Church and one of America's most notable and powerful preachers.
Teaching an old dog new tricks
Reflections on "Stained Glass & Starbucks"

I admit that I don't like change. I used to like it much more when I was younger, especially before I passed the half-century mark four years ago. As a child I could never understand why my parents so embraced the status quo. "Keep things like they are, don't rock the boat," seemed to be their mantra.
The Open Door

My observations over the past thirteen years have caused me to conclude the following. This is a wonderful family of Baptists who love one another and who love the Lord and His church. We are a people who are on mission for Christ, spanning the globe with over 10,000 missionary families and 160,000 volunteers on mission from Georgia Baptist churches every year.


Traditional methods work

Maybe I am misunderstanding the meaning of all I am reading in the Index that centers around the article, "Stained Glass and Starbucks." It seems to me that you are implying that if your church is not contemporary in its style of worship, then it can't reach people with the Gospel and the church won't grow. If that is what is being implied in the article mentioned above, and in many of the recent letters to the editor, then I really resent that.
Holding to a regulative principle in worship

In regards to the article "Stained Glass and Starbucks," I would like to offer the following three short observations.
HCSB promo inconsistent

In June of 2002, the Southern Baptist Convention passed a resolution condemning the T.N.I.V. (Today's New International Version) of the Bible because it "alters the meaning of hundreds of verses most significantly by erasing gender-specific details which appear in the original language changing masculine third person singular pronouns (he and him) to plural gender neutral pronouns (they and them)." This was quoted from the Southern Baptist Convention resolution.