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Issue Date: 2005-12-08
Volume: 184
Number: 25


Moncrief Baptist Center: Reflecting the ministry of its namesake

Terry Moncrief’s philosophy of ministry can be summed up on his recent comment concerning the inner city.
IMB Trustees appoint 89 missionaries, set new personnel selection
Glossolalia, baptism of missionary personnel

International Mission Board trustees voted to appoint 89 new missionaries during their Nov. 14-17 meeting in Huntsville, Ala. They also learned that Southern Baptists last year took the Gospel to 137 previously unengaged people groups and planted the first evangelical Baptist churches among 14 of those groups that had no evangelical work.
Recommendation of the Executive Committee of the Baptist Convention of the State of Georgia concerning Mercer
The below document is the resolution proposed to and approved by messengers to the 2005 Georgia Baptist Convention held Nov. 14-15. The motion will be voted on a second time at next year’s Convention meetings.
Mercer chooses Underwood to succeed Godsey
Board unanimously elects new president

Mercer University trustees elected William “Bill” Underwood as the university’s 18th president on Dec. 2. He will succeed longtime President R. Kirby Godsey upon his retirement on July 1.
10 Commandments may return to Barrow County ... but not alone
The Ten Commandments may return to the Barrow County courthouse from which they were removed this past summer, but they would appear in a slightly diminished role.
In his final days, Adrian Rogers told those gathered around him, ‘I am at perfect peace’

Even in the face of death, friends say, Adrian Rogers exemplified the Christian faith he spent a lifetime sharing.
Partnerships lengthened, recognized at Columbus Convention
Messengers to the 184th meeting of the Georgia Baptist Convention witnessed the growth of relationships and partnerships in addition to the move to sever ties with Mercer University. A record 104 new churches were welcomed into the Convention, 32 more than last year. Moreover, members from 310 ethnic and 116 African-American congregations spoke to messengers.
Teachers’ life-witnessing in public schools
First in a three-part series

A Georgia radio talk show host regularly thunders away at public schools: “This nation would be better off if responsible parents would all make a vow to remove their children from government schools as soon as practicable,” he says.
North Metro honors Frank Cox on 25th anniversary as pastor

The North Metro First Baptist facility would not have held the number of people who attended Frank Cox’s 25th anniversary as pastor of the Lawrenceville church, so the Gwinnett Civic Center was the site of the grand celebration on Nov. 20th.
Georgia natives among 89 IMB missionaries appointed Nov. 15

God has called missionaries to the nations to “declare they can be free in Jesus Christ,” International Mission Board President Jerry Rankin told 89 new Southern Baptist workers appointed Nov. 15, as well as the crowd assembled in the Von Braun Center in conjunction with the annual meeting of Alabama Baptist State Convention in Huntsville.

Baptist News Summary

January simulcast to launch missions prayer initiative
Churches are invited to join in a national “Lift Up Your Voice ... A Call to Prayer” simulcast Jan. 27 and Jan. 29 to help launch a yearlong prayer initiative to connect churches with God’s work around the world.
New application, EZWord, inserts Bible verses into documents
EZWord, a new tool from the e-business department of LifeWay Christian Resources is designed to, among other things, help alleviate some of the small inaccuracies that can occur when even the most meticulous person tries to hold a Bible open and type complicated text into a document at the same time.
NOBTS campus housing units available in spring, officials say
From as far away as Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, and as close as Houma, La. volunteers are giving their time and energy to help restore New Orleans Seminary.
Firing squad executes Yemeni for killings of Baptist workers
A Muslim militant connected to the 2002 murders of three Southern Baptist medical workers in Yemen was executed Nov. 27.
Names in the News
Commuter classes at New Orleans to begin in Jan., Kelley announces
New Orleans Seminary will hold classes on its New Orleans campus starting in January, NOBTS President Chuck Kelley has announced. He also said that the May graduation ceremony will be held on campus in Leavell Chapel.
Carson-Newman to honor disputed author Ralph Elliott
The man whose view of biblical authority triggered an outcry among conservative Southern Baptists is being honored by Carson-Newman College as its 2005-06 distinguished alumnus.
Biloxi Baptists give 17,000 turkeys to families in Katrina’s path
Southern Baptist volunteers gave away 17,000 Thanksgiving turkeys in a two-day event in Biloxi, Miss., that culminated with a worship service featuring Christian music artists Newsong and Clay Crosse and country music singer Mark Wills and a message by First Baptist Woodstock pastor Johnny Hunt Nov. 21-22.

People and Places

Ministerial Moves

Cooperative Program Stories

Local churches respond to international needs
Just out of college, Tommy Williams read a Sunday school lesson about Russian soldiers tricking children in order to “prove” there was no God.

Bible Study

Why Try?

“Everyone complains about the weather but no one ever does anything about it.”
Why Jesus?


Let it be “Merry Christmas” now and forever

Last year Target stores became the Scrooge of 2004 and told the Salvation Army that they could no longer have their red kettles available to collect money for benevolent purposes. Consequently, the Salvation Army indicated that Target’s decision was a devastating blow to their “Sharing is Caring” campaign because Target locations produced an estimated $9 million in donations the previous year.
The difficult task of letting go

England’s other state religion, multiculturalism

“I may disagree with what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it.”
The Open Door

A certain Christmas song states, “It’s the most wonderful time of the year ... It’s the hap-happiest season of all.” Though the lyrics approach Christmas from a secular view, I could not agree more with the sentiment. This is absolutely “the most wonderful time of the year” and “the hap-happiest season of all.”


Was Mercer decision made in haste?

Two of my sons are graduates of Mercer University. They are well-educated and successful in their fields. And while I am in sympathy with the sentiments of the GBC messengers who voted to sever ties with Mercer, I am concerned that we may be cutting off our collective noses to spite our face as Georgia Baptists.
The baggage (honor?) of a Mercer diploma

How ironic that the Index’s recent online edition contains both a note about the startling, anemic attendance at the recent annual meeting (“a record low 1892 messengers) and many articles about the Mercer issue. Although not a Mercer graduate, I am close to many current students and recent alumni whose diplomas will now inherit the baggage (or they may consider it an honor) of being associated with a school cast away by the Georgia Baptist Convention.
Patience, patience with Mercer

I read with dismay the first move to disassociate the GBC from Mercer University. In my 89 years I have seen outright campus rebellions down to individual aspirations of young people trying to remedy ailments of society that have prevailed during their parent’s tenure. For centuries homosexual activities, largely in the closet, have been with us. These will continue.
Appreciation for the Georgia–New York Partnership

During this Thanksgiving season I want to thank God for Georgia Baptists and the missionary zeal displayed through your praying, giving, and hands on missions involvement this year. Here in Rochester and the Finger Lakes region of New York, Georgia Baptists have been instrumental in helping to reach the lost, encourage struggling churches, and plant new churches in a region with over 1.5 million people.
Jimmy Carter, Pro-life?

I have recently read two articles about Jimmy Carter concerning the abortion issue.
Student body opinion left out of Mercer equation

I feel what is being left out of this entire debate on Mercer University is the opinion of the student body. While Mercer’s administration and the Georgia Baptist Convention are quarreling over this issue, the true core of the University is being ignored.
Remove all modern society trappings from churches?

I am a conservative, Bible-believing Southern Baptist. After reading one of the letters in the November 24 issue, I hope you will let us know when the pastor announces his church’s upcoming garage sale. I am sure they will be selling off their piano, organ, electric lights, carpets, flushing toilets, and public address systems at bargain prices since none of these “trappings” are specifically approved in the Bible.
Discontent with Mercer decision

Register my great discontent with the convention’s decision to cut ties with Mercer University. I shall suggest that such funds for funding the convention be used in a restricted way so as to continue to fund Mercer University.