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The Open Door


September is a very special month among our Georgia Baptist churches. This is the month we receive our offering for state missions. Be assured that every dime of your offering will be used in the many ministries conducted across our state to reach the population for Christ and to disciple them for Kingdom ministry.

This is what the Great Commission is all about. We are to evangelize, and we are to disciple.

J. Robert White

Pastor Tim Wolfe of 1027 Church baptizes a new member. The church currently meets in a middle school gymnasium.

Every ministry that is expressed through our convention is related to either evangelism or discipleship. Jesus said, “Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all that I have commanded you; and lo, I am with you always, to the close of the age” (Matt. 28: 19-20).

Seven years ago, Georgia Baptists invested in the life of a young church planter who had a godly vision to plant a church in downtown Atlanta. The church planter is Tim Wolfe and the church he planted is the 1027 Church. It began in a building at 1027 Peachtree. God blessed the efforts of this church planter and the resources you placed in the 1027 Church and her pastor have been used by God to build this outstanding ministry.

The church later moved from its location on Peachtree to the Inman Middle School on Virginia Avenue. The church has continued to grow with nearly 100 attending the weekly worship service in the beautiful Inman Middle School auditorium. It was Janice’s and my honor to be present for worship at the 1027 Church a couple of Sundays ago and witness first hand the vibrant fellowship that exists there and the excitement of those involved.

Most of those who were present were in their 20s and 30s. They were college students, mostly from Georgia Tech, and young business people. They were attentive to the Word of God, a joy to be with, and on fire for Christ.

During the week, they have small groups that meet in homes for Bible study since they are limited in space and time at the middle school. There are approximately 50 who are attending the home Bible studies weekly. These studies are led by some very fine adults who are well grounded and love the Lord with all their hearts.

The Sunday I was present at 1027, Tim baptized two young men who live in the Virginia Highlands area and who came to faith in Christ through the ministry of the church. The picture accompanying this article shows Tim baptizing one of the young men.

The baptistery was a portable unit placed on a trailer behind a pickup truck. The baptismal service took place in the parking lot outside the school. As the young congregation gathered around the baptistery there was great joy at seeing these two young men coming to faith in Jesus Christ.

This church planting ministry would be impossible without your gifts to the State Mission Offering. I encourage you to give with a generous heart and with the anticipation of seeing many more such churches planted in the heart of our cities. We recently embarked on a new ministry to start churches in downtown Atlanta. This ministry is called “Urban Atlanta Impact Initiative.”

With 90 percent of the 800,000 population inside I-285 unchurched and in need of Christ, the plan is to plant churches to reach the unreached population. This is as much an unreached population as any unreached population in the world today.

The amazing thing is that they are open and willing to hear the Good News. I witnessed to two individuals on the MARTA train one day and found them very open to the Gospel. Through the Urban Atlanta Impact Initiative, we have already planted 13 churches and look forward to many more in the years ahead.

You can be a part of this ministry through giving to the State Mission Offering. God will bless your gift and use it to His glory.