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Issue Date: 2005-12-22
Volume: 184
Number: 26


Jackson First Baptist hosts “Walk Through Bethlehem”

Jackson, a historic town located midway between Atlanta and Macon, annually hosts a Christmas parade in December. A year ago First Baptist Church capitalized on the event by having a “Happy Birthday, Jesus Party,” complete with a church float in the parade.
Gathering Jewels now available for Georgia readers

Bertie Mae Garrett has traveled the world for missions. Now she wants to share those experiences with others.
Atlanta inner-city ministry legend dies after battle with cancer
Terry P. Moncrief, 60, whose ministry was featured on the front page of the Dec. 8 issue of the Index, died on Dec. 7 from complications of brain cancer. He slipped into a comma earlier that day and passed away at 4 p.m.
Exiled Iraqi Christians vote with concern about their future

Yalda Hajey, draped in traditional Assyrian scarves around his neck and waist, with red and green feathers protruding from his hat, dropped his vote into a ballot box, dipped his finger into a purple ink sponge and sprang into an Iraqi jig.
Christian public school teachers witnessing Christ
Second in a three-part series

In the latter stage of his ministry, Paul planned to go to Spain. His goal was to be on mission where the Word of God was not proclaimed and Christ was not known. Spain was then what public schools are now – are they not?
Wis. school allegedly strips Christ from ‘Silent Night’

An elementary school in Wisconsin allegedly has written new lyrics for “Silent Night” for its winter program, stripping away all references to Christ and replacing them with winter weather themes.
Lottie’s world (a)

In this Index exclusive, Georgia Baptists are given an inside look at the believers who comprise the membership of the church where Lottie Moon served at the turn of the 20th century. Lottie died on Christmas Eve 1912 in the port of Kobe, Japan, as she was being evacuated to the United States. Her 50-pound body was decimated with starvation, but her love for the Chinese people is the legacy that continues to produce a spiritual harvest in the world’s most populous nation.
How one school district solved the ‘December Dilemma’

When the superintendent in this Bible Belt town yanked baby Jesus from a fifth-grade school play – but left in symbols of Hanukkah and Kwanzaa, along with Santa Claus – a small army of parents erupted in protest.
In final letter, Rogers asks that LWF ministry continue

A letter that Adrian Rogers wrote for use in the event of his death is being mailed to contributors to his Love Worth Finding radio and TV ministry, making it clear he wanted the ministry to continue after he was gone.
Lottie's world (b)

Children no longer beg for scraps of food here as commonly as they did when an American missionary first set foot in the town known as Tengchow.
GBC Executive Committee votes Dec. 13 to discontinue relationship with Mercer University
Terms of dissolution of relationship approved

The GBC Executive Committee, meeting in Atlanta on Dec. 13, heard a motion from Wayne Robertson, pastor of Morningside Baptist Church in Valdosta, to discontinue the Convention’s relationship with Mercer University. Robertson, representing the Administration Committee of the Executive Committee, reminded those present of the action of the Convention regarding Mercer at the annual meeting in Columbus on Nov. 15.

People and Places

Ministerial Moves

Cooperative Program Stories

Making Lottie personal
First Eastman promoting Christmas offering while on the go

At First Baptist Eastman, the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering giving has increased by $57,000 in the past four years.

Bible Study

Money Matters

So significant is the need for a Christian understanding of money that the late Larry Burkett made a ministry of teaching about it. Burkett helped Christians recognize that accumulation of possessions and wealth is glorified in this society. He emphasized the proper management of God-provided resources. Still, status is desired because it indicates that one has arrived at significance. Many people, even Christians, fall into the trap of believing that monetary gain is equivalent to significance in life.
Work Matters

The modern culture is seemingly becoming less interested in what historically has been termed “the work ethic.” Conducting a skill or managing an office seems to have lost its appeal to many in contemporary culture. The American dream once was that one would secure a career, marry, and purchase a home. Seemingly, more people are interested in the “dream” of enjoyment through recreation rather than seeing their work as a source of satisfaction.


Parents must steer lightly through adolescent turbulence

The unsanitized version of Christmas

Our children were born more than 30 years ago, but they had the advantage of being born in sanitized hospitals with competent physicians clothed in Martinized smocks doing their work with disinfected hands washed with soap containing Chlorhexidine Gluconate.
Are you going to miss the party?

I admit it. I am a traditionalist. I am a conservative. I am sentimental. I am old fashioned, maybe archaic, but I never thought of calling off worship services when Christmas was on Sunday. It just never occurred to me that doing that was an option, and it wasn’t an option as long as my mother was living. I guess my parents just instilled into the fabric of my very being a loyalty and an allegiance to the church that just won’t permit me to accept the notion that calling off church is an option.
The Open Door

One Christmas season when I was pastor at First Baptist Church in Paducah, Kentucky. I decided to do a children’s sermon. I had all the children to join me down front and I told the Christmas Story after reading a portion of the Luke 2 account. I didn’t normally do this sort of thing because we were on live television on the NBC affiliate and with the children there was no way to predict what might happen.


Don’t vilify Carter

Respectfully, I would ask Terry Queen (Letter, December 8) if he has read Jimmy Carter’s latest book in which he explains his personal opposition to abortion. Reading a news story in the AJC is not the same as reading a man’s own words.
Keeping Christ in Christmas vs. music programs

I know the following comments will reflect my age as a retiree, but I also know that many seniors feel the same way about the direction of the musical programs currently in the church today. Isn’t it amazing that everyone is concerned about taking Christ out of Christmas, and asking for money to fight the ACLU to prevent this from happening, while at the same time, the churches are taking Christ out of the music?
A man sorely missed

As I read the front page article in last week’s Christian Index about Terry Moncrief and the Techwood Baptist Center being renamed for him, I was taken back to the late 1980’s and Terry’s impact on my life.