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Plant-based diets improve health


I just read The Index article about the declining health of our nation. You absolutely hit the nail on the head ... from processed foods touted as ‘good for you’ to eating a primarily plant-based diet ... and how Baptists top the list for obesity, a rather acceptable vice.

Gluttony is the acceptable Baptist “sin” and how dare you talk about changing your diet! I heard a doctor lament, “It’s easier to get someone to change their religion, than to get someone to change their diet.”

Ten years ago my husband was on staff at Flamingo Road Church in Cooper City, Fla. ?(a fabulous Southern Baptist Church, I must say). We were not overweight and were living the typical fast paced American lifestyle when our world was turned upside down. My husband was shocked when his doctor said he had several arrythmias and congestive heart failure at age 44. He gave him about 12 months to live or, if he was “lucky,” he might be able to get a heart transplant.

That diagnosis not only changed his life, but sent us on a path to learn how we could do better with taking care of our health. I began to study whole food nutrition about fruits and vegetables and God’s divine design for our health.

For things to change, we had to change! Today we eat primarily a low-fat, plant based diet. We make fresh meals from scratch. We eat almost no processed food and we exercise regularly. My husband’s doctors call him the miracle man. We know that the Miracle is that God has created our bodies with an amazing design and a wonderful capacity to recover and thrive, if only we will cooperate with His design for our health. 

The answer to the healthcare crisis is not in providing more insurance to pay to manage one’s illness; it is in taking responsibility for one’s health and beginning to eat the way Jesus did ... or perhaps Daniel did in the Old Testament. “Test us for 10 days on a diet of vegetables…” (i.e. vegetables in the original language was “zeroa,” that which grows from a sown seed: fruits, grains, bread made from grains, and vegetables).

As a former president of the American Medical Association said, If your lifestyle does not control your diet, eventually your diet will control your lifestyle.”

And oh yes, my husband did not have a heart transplant and he is on no medications. We thank God that someone cared enough to help us understand and see that we must do our part to stay well. I Cor. 6:19-20, Deut. 5:33

Thanks for speaking the truth.