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Issue Date: 2006-01-05
Volume: 185
Number: 1


Senior adults lead Thailand mission effort from First Blairsville

Members of First Baptist Church here have shown that missions knows no age limits. Last August 13 senior adults from the church traveled to Khao Lak, Thailand to rebuild homes for those left homeless by the Dec. 2004 tsunami.
In Pakistani winter, Baptists bring hope to earthquake survivors

Before Oct. 8, Hadia* had a husband to care for her and a home to shelter her six children. Then, in those few moments that the earth shook, her life changed drastically. Hadia became both widowed and homeless.
Christian public school teachers are ministering in the name of Christ
Third in a three-part series

Jesus came preaching the kingdom of God. He came “to seek and save that which is lost.” But he also said that the Son of Man came to minister.
Bivocational pastors: Two worlds in one

Every morning, Donnie Berry is given a wake-up call when George, his gray and white cat, taps him on the head.
Baptist scholar sounds a warning to ‘emerging church’

A leading Southern Baptist scholar is urging caution when assessing the theology and practice of some leaders among the “emerging church,” a small but growing movement among evangelicals seeking to go beyond the approach of many modern mega-churches.
Service in the sand and the South

Rick Parsons had been the bivocational pastor at Elam Baptist Church in Quitman a scant two months before he found himself under fire and dodging a rain of bullets.
Pollution turns Biblical river of baptism into ‘open sewage canal’

At the Alumot Dam on the edge of Kibbutz Deganya, a cooperative community located a couple of miles south of the Sea of Galilee, you can smell the Jordan River long before you see it.
Georgia Baptist soldier awarded Purple Heart

Brian Keith Hall was not permitted to take many earthly possessions with him to the war torn county of Iraq, so he attempted to choose wisely those few things he would pack for his trip, but among the things he took were his Bible and his baptismal certificate.

Georgia Newsbriefs

Daniell associational missionary dies
Calvin Durrence, associational missionary for Daniell Association, died Dec. 21 from a brain tumor. He was 66.
Prices provide culinary gift to NOBTS students
New Orleans Seminary alumnus Nelson Price came to NOBTS’s North Georgia Campus Dec. 14 with two large pots of red beans and rice that he and his wife, Trudy, spent the morning (and much of the day before) preparing.
Georgia Baptist Religious Education Association to meet Jan. 26-28 at Callaway
The Georgia Baptist Religious Education Association will meet at Callaway Gardens Jan. 26-28. GBREA is the professional organization for religious educators in Georgia.
Truett-McConnell awarded two more four-year degrees in baccalaureate transformation
The Commission on Colleges of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools approved for two bachelor’s degree programs to be added to the studies list of Truett-McConnell College Dec. 6.

Baptist News Summary

Names in the News
State conventions highlight disaster response in annual meetings
Southern Baptists’ record-setting response to this year’s brutal hurricanes was highlighted in most of the 42 state conventions this fall, with appreciation voiced for the thousands of Baptists who stepped forward to give and go to places of devastation and suffering.
FamilyNet now available on SIRIUS satellite network
FamilyNet radio and television programming can now be heard on one of the largest satellite radio networks in North America, according to an announcement by SIRIUS Satellite Radio and the North American Mission Board which owns and operates the faith-based FamilyNet broadcast ministry.
Katrina-battered LifeWay store reopens on Miss. Gulf Coast
The LifeWay Christian Store in Gulfport, Miss., reopened Dec. 8 amid great anticipation from customers and employees.
Missouri convention moves to regain breakaway entities
A circuit court judge gave the Missouri Baptist Convention a major procedural victory Dec. 15 when he certified the MBC executive board and seven of its members as proper plaintiffs in the action to recover five breakaway entities of the convention.

Religious Newsbriefs

Narnia becomes part of Florida government reading initiative, move raises protests
Florida Gov. Jeb Bush is urging school children to read The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe as part of his “Just Read, Florida!” initiative.
First U.S. Arabic Christian channel debuts
The first Christian television channel with programming in Arabic debuted in October and has already been credited with leading several people to Christ, according to a report by The Washington Times Nov. 26.
New York City raises penalty to $25,000 fine for desecrating houses of worship
People who get their kicks from vandalizing churches, synagogues and other houses of worship in New York soon will have something to fear besides divine retribution: a $25,000 fine.
Survey: Half of Americans say a spiritual experience has changed them
Half of Americans have had a spiritual transformation experience, and 35 percent of those are not born-again Christians, according to newly released research from the University of Chicago.

People and Places

Ministerial Moves

Cooperative Program Stories

Take steps to protect your identity, GBC specialist warns

The white official-looking envelope almost didn’t get a second glance.

Bible Study

Life Matters

I, like most folks, become discouraged occasionally. When I do, I want to be encouraged. So I go to those people that have the gift of encouragement. I have discovered that people want five things from friends. People desire encouragement, appreciation, love, forgiveness, and understanding. Typically our true friends gladly provide these because they value us.
Character Matters

John Maxwell stated, “People who receive a high level of trust have developed their character and have earned the right to be trusted” (Be a People Person, Victor Books, 1989). Most have heard the argument regarding character and whether it plays a role in a person’s ability to perform the duties of elected office. For Christians this is a non-issue. Of course, character matters.


Following these guidelines creates consistent discipline

The abomination of high doctrine, low conduct

The inexorable slide toward a loss of faith typically begins with a willingness to devalue the Word of God. When some pedigreed religion professor uses his classroom or some animated question mark uses his pulpit to cast suspicion upon the Bible he or she typically does it with the most surreptitious approach.
Turning attendees into part of the family

Today, a lot of Christians are what I call “floating believers.” It is an expression of America’s rampant individualism.
The Open Door

Bill Tanner is a dear friend whom I respect and appreciate greatly. Bill used to be president of the Home Mission Board of the Southern Baptist Convention, among other highly visible and important positions.


Agrees with Mercer decision

Some recent letters seem to miss the point in the Mercer University conflict.