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The Open Door


The 188th session of the Georgia Baptist Convention is now history, and what an incredible convention it was. I donít remember anytime in the past 17 years that there has been a finer spirit than what we experienced this year.

The LoveLoud event was just outstanding. There were 969 volunteers who went out on over 80 projects to touch the community with the love of Jesus. The results were powerful. Approximately 22 people were saved and much good was done in the name of Jesus.

Another amazing thing happened, the floor microphones were not used during the convention. No questions, no debates, and no angst were at this yearís convention. Folks didnít come to debate. They came to worship and serve the Lord. It was a very special convention meeting.

We are deeply indebted to Dr. Johnny Hunt and the good folks at First Baptist Woodstock. We have never been treated nicer. The church gave attention to every minute detail. Nothing was left undone. From the Sunday evening Pre-Convention Rally to the final gavel, the meeting was a tremendous blessing.

There were many highlights of the convention this year. I think my favorite was the video of Gerald Harris doing a Christian Index rap. It was unbelievable. The first time I saw it I laughed until I cried.

There were many other high points. I was truly blessed as the LoveLoud volunteers returned to the church with their reports of all that the Lord had done.

This convention was notable for the number of young people who attended and got involved in the ministry events. All three of our colleges participated in LoveLoud. Truett-McConnell actually had the largest group with 114 students attending. They worked hard and left an outstanding impression on everyone.

A very special thanks goes to Doug Couch and to Craig Ormsby of First Woodstock who were responsible for developing the projects and organizing the event. The Convention recognized both men for their tireless efforts.

Bucky Kennedy concluded an outstanding second year as president, and the Convention elected Dan Spencer, pastor at First Baptist Thomasville, as our new president. I have had the privilege to be around Dan and serve on various committees with him. He is truly outstanding and it will be a joy to serve with him.

God just keeps blessing Georgia Baptists with great leaders and I am so grateful. Please pray for Dan as he provides leadership and pray that our Convention will be faithful to the Lord as we serve Him every day.