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Issue Date: 2004-03-25
Volume: 183
Number: 7


Groundbreaking ushers in new era in Georgia Baptist ministry
Baptist Center to be occupied in Spring 2006

Georgia Baptists gathered in the heart of one of the state’s fastest growing counties on March 16 to break ground for a new Baptist Center.
Court of Appeals: Shorter College's action to dissolve cannot stand, is illegal
Verdict is in favor of Georgia Baptist Convention

The Georgia Court of Appeals rendered a decision on March 17 against Shorter College and its attempt to dissolve its relationship with the Georgia Baptist Convention.
Lives of slain Southern Baptist aid workers remembered by friends, family
Southern Baptists are mourning the loss of four workers and the wounding of a fifth in a drive-by shooting in Iraq.
David McDonnall gave his life in 'a collision between love and hate'

Pastor Michael Dean of Travis Avenue Baptist Church in Fort Worth recalled a visit with David and Carrie McDonnall in his office last fall as David wondered aloud about security concerns in Iraq and even whether he should buy a gun.
GAs gather at Camp Pinnacle to celebrate organization's 90th birthday
1,150 attend festivities at Pinnacle, Norman park

Nearly 600 GAs from throughout North Georgia spent the first day of spring frolicking at Camp Pinnacle as they celebrated the 90th birthday of their missions organization.
Watson remembered as one who 'sold out for Jesus'

“To obey is my objective. To suffer is expected. His glory will be my reward,” Karen Watson wrote in a letter to her pastor, meant only to be opened upon her death.
Elliots knew service in Iraq 'was God's calling'

For some 25 years Larry and Jean Elliott had served in Honduras, but they felt called to go elsewhere.

Religious Newsbriefs

Boston Globe Passion cartoon causes uproar
A recent satirical cartoon in the Boston Globe depicting a Catholic nun beating a school-age Mel Gibson is stirring controversy among Globe readers, prompting many to cancel subscriptions in anger and disgust.
Disney, Walden Media to distribute C.S. Lewis’ Chronicles of Narnia book series as movie
The Walt Disney Studios has announced that it has entered into an agreement with Walden Media to distribute the motion picture The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe.
Spanish youth rejecting Catholic Church
Despite Pope John Paul II’s efforts to reach out to young Catholics, Spanish youth are turning away from the church in droves, a new study says.
Religious activity outside church increases
An annual look at the nation’s religious behavior has found an increase in religious practice beyond the sanctuary, while church and Sunday school attendance has remained relatively stable.
Baylor president “outraged” by school newspaper’s pro-gay marriage editorial
Baylor University President Robert B. Sloan said he is “justifiably outraged” that the Baptist school’s newspaper published an editorial supporting gay marriage.

People and Places

Ministerial Moves
Special Events

Cooperative Program Stories

Retreat challenges teens for the journey

It’s not only about the destination, but it’s also about the journey. That was the theme of the three-day, girls-only retreat called “Journey.”

Bible Study

The Risen Lord

In a day of societal confusion and theological irresponsibility, the church possesses a challenging task to proclaim the truth to a reluctant and often hostile audience. Our postmodern culture believes in no foundational system of belief, leaving their worldview inconsistent with any harmonious relationship to reality. The present-day culture desires to persuade you toward a belief system that requires no belief at all, proving itself to be illogical on many fronts.
The Suffering Savior

The dreadful scene of passion unfolds as His time has now fully come. Though the scene presented by our gospel text is disturbing to the human heart, this pain and shame of Jesus’ suffering and death were imperative to satisfy the great debt of sinful man.


God uses those with a dream

Nothing starts happening until somebody starts dreaming. Every accomplishment started off first as an idea in somebody’s mind.
Kids need assistance to establish their own identities

The Open Door

What I know about litigation I have learned from three sources: Perry Mason, The Practice, and the Shorter College lawsuit against Georgia Baptists. The first two sources of knowledge have been entertaining, but the third has been anything but entertaining.
Seeds From The Sower

A mother asked a little girl, “ Did you behave yourself today?”
The painful process of doing what is right

In my flesh I prefer the course of least resistance. It is easier to go with the flow than swim against the current. Likewise, it is difficult to be true to the truth when tolerance is the social norm, and it is not easy to take a stand in the face of public criticism.


Laments the loss of Christian values in America

We are fast losing our religious freedom in America. There are those who are endeavoring to remove every vestige of Christianity from our government, public education, the public arena and our society.