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Issue Date: 2006-02-02
Volume: 185
Number: 3


Despite disagreements, focus remains on international missions
An Analysis

The work is more important than the worker. The mission is more important than the missionary. The International Mission Board is more important than the leadership or the trustees.
Billy Graham might preach again, in New Orleans

Evangelist Billy Graham, at 87 still a dominant figure on the American religious landscape, has decided to join his son, Franklin, and perhaps even preach in New Orleans at an event in March.
Rome church members witness outpouring in Romania

Ralph Jenkins thought he would never see it – an outpouring of liquor led to an outpouring of the Holy Spirit.
Georgia missionary Reggie Robbins tries to ‘see the homeless like God sees them’

Often discouraged and depressed, the two dozen men sitting in the church service reflect the scars, the struggles, the pain of hard lives on Atlanta’s infamous Memorial Drive. To Reginald Robbins, they are nothing less than God’s children, ready to be reclaimed and reborn.
PastorLife: a reservoir of help to ministers

PastorLife is a tremendous resource for preachers who desire to preach inspirational, informational and well-illustrated sermons. This highly effective tool for ministers is now available as a free service to all who are interested in honing their communication skills. There is no longer a subscription rate, no password necessary and no restrictions for using
Preachers and politicians exhorted at annual Convention prayer breakfast

Frank Cox, senior pastor of North Metro First Baptist Church in Lawrenceville, challenged politicians and preachers alike to lead with purpose and responsibility at the fourth annual Legislative Prayer Breakfast held Jan. 25.
The Culture War

The precocious tyke in the Calvin and Hobbes comic strip by Bill Watterson kicked off the New Year by delivering his view of making New Year’s resolutions. In a conversation with his make-believe friend, Hobbes, Calvin opines, “In order to improve oneself one must have some idea of what’s ‘good’ that implies certain values.” Calvin continues to wax eloquent as he piques the interest of Hobbes, “But as we all know, values are relative.
Shorter soars like a hawk with new president and accreditation affirmed

Last fall Shorter College launched a football team in The National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics and played very competitively although the team consisted primarily of freshmen. One might say that the Shorter Hawks soared admirably in their first season of intercollegiate football, but the Rome-based College has also soared in other ways in recent days.
Shorter College among Georgia BSUs sharing Christ on Christmas missions

Overcoming American stereotypes was one hurdle David Roland knew his group would have to clear on its recent mission trip to Africa.

Georgia Newsbriefs

Michael Flake, long-time GBC and NAMB resort missionary found dead in Helen
Michael H. Flake, the long-time director of Georgia Mountain Resort Ministries in the North Georgia mountains, was found dead Jan. 27.
GBC president announces members of 2006 Committee on Nominations
Georgia Baptist Convention President Wayne Hamrick has announced the members of the 2006 Committee on Nominations.
Grenade new associational missionary for Dodge County Association
Mike Grenade began his tenure as associational missionary for Dodge County Association Dec. 12.

Baptist News Summary

Spiritual leadership examined in new Henry Blackaby study
If you’re a pastor who feels more like a CEO than a church leader, your spiritual leadership skills may need some improving, author and speaker Henry Blackaby suggests.
FamilyNet to convey faith as addition to New Orleans cable options
The addition of FamilyNet to the Cox Cable digital lineup in Greater New Orleans “demonstrates Cox’s commitment to meeting the spiritual needs of all our New Orleans customers at a critical time in the city’s history,” said Ellen Lloyd, vice president for marketing at Cox New Orleans.
Texas convention wins tax-exempt status challenge on reversal
Reversing an earlier decision, officials in Tarrant County, Texas, Dec. 21 said that the Southern Baptists of Texas Convention’s office and property in Grapevine, Texas, would enjoy tax exempt status.
Names in the News
N.C. retirement home trustees vote to elect own members
Baptist Retirement Homes of North Carolina announced Jan. 18 that its trustees have adopted amendments that change the corporation’s bylaws with regard to the election and removal of trustees. Previously, the bylaws called for trustees to be elected by the Baptist State Convention of North Carolina, which also had the power to remove trustees. The new amendment empowers BRH trustees to elect their own successors.
LifeWay partnership helps churches use steeples for ministry funds
Churches across the country have discovered a new way to raise funds for ministry and missions by contracting with telecom companies to provide use of church steeples to serve as cell phone towers.
Texas pastor insists he hasn’t endorsed homosexuality
The pastor of a church removed from membership in the Southern Baptists of Texas Convention says his relationship to a homosexual-affirming ministry does not constitute an endorsement.
Milton Hollifield nominated as N.C. convention's executive
Milton A. Hollifield Jr., executive leader for the Baptist State Convention of North Carolina staff’s missions growth evangelism team, has been nominated to become the convention’s new executive director-treasurer.

Religious Newsbriefs

Mormons vow to safeguard missionaries after Virginia shooting leaves one dead
Officials of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints have vowed to work to keep their missionaries safe after one missionary was murdered in Chesapeake, Va., and another was injured.
School drops “Philosophy of Design” class
Without the financial resources necessary to fight a lawsuit brought on by Americans United for Separation of Church and State, a rural school district in California has agreed to stop teaching a class called “Philosophy of Design,” which opponents said was unconstitutional because it attempted to legitimize intelligent design.
Anglican Church warns of fraudulent emails from Nigeria seeking donations
The Anglican Church of Nigeria is warning foreigners to beware of emails from “fraudulent personalities” hoping to exploit “Christian love and the good name of the church.”
U.S. Muslims call for investigation after hundreds die in Hajj tragedy
U.S. Muslim leaders are urging Saudi Arabia to allow an independent investigation into the Jan. 12 stampede near Mecca that killed hundreds performing an annual pilgrimage that is required of all Muslims.

People and Places

Ministerial Moves

Cooperative Program Stories

Encouragment to walk the line, with Christ

The annual GBC evangelism conference holds a special place in Aaron McCollough’s ministry.

Bible Study

Paying a Price to Serve God

One of the guiding principles in leadership development is “pay now, play later.” It is a motivating concept that brings with it that idea that if one makes sacrifices on the front end, then an easier road is traveled on the back end. Many people today want it all now, and with minimal sacrifice.
Dealing with Doubt

Jeremiah was no doubt a bold prophet of God. But even though he was a bold prophet, he was also a man complete with all the normal emotional faculties. There were times, as this passage reveals, when he doubted and felt uncertain.


Judas Iscariot scheduled for complete re-imaging, renovation, and rehabilitation

Judas Iscariot, whose greed prompted him to betray Jesus for 30 pieces of silver, may be given an extreme makeover by Roman Catholic scholars. At least that is what The London Times reported on Jan. 12.
Advocating condom usage to teens can be dangerous

The ministry of adoption

“Can you not have children of your own?” I bit my tongue as I responded to the question. “She is my own,” I replied. The usual reaction was given, “Oh. Well, you know what I mean.” Yes, I do know what that person and the countless others who have asked similar questions mean. They want to know if my wife and I are capable of having biological children. After all, don’t most people only adopt after exhausting all other means of starting a family?
The Open Door

As I write this column, Janice and I are preparing to go to Norman Park Conference Center to participate in the Deacons, Pastors and Spouse Retreat. We will gather for a two-day conference under the theme: “Partners in Ministry.” We are looking forward to this event for a number of reasons.


Concern over removal of IMB trustee

I am concerned about the recent action taken by International Mission Board trustees seeking to remove Wade Burleson from their ranks. As a young minister there are several reasons for the concern I have.
Emerging thoughts

In response to “Baptist scholar sounds a warning to ‘emerging church’” (Index, Jan. 5, 2006), I think Hammett largely misses the point of what McLaren is saying (at least the things that McLaren is saying that the Body of Christ desperately needs to hear).
Learn to swim

While his intent seems to be grounded in a desire for the truths of scripture to maintain integrity in a world where absolutes are vanishing, John Hammett’s assessment of the “emerging” church as recorded in the Jan. 5 issue of The Christian Index, in my opinion, shows some misunderstandings of both the potential dangers of postmodernism and of the nature of emerging church.
Be there in June

During recent meetings of the trustees of the International Mission Board, a vote was taken – and passed – to change policies regarding the qualification for missionary placement. This decision narrows the parameters for missionary eligibility by forbidding service opportunities to any who admit to the use of a “private prayer language” and requiring those not previously baptized in “a church that embraces the doctrine of the security of the believer” to be rebaptized, regardless of the church in which they currently belong.