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More funds for IMB


I was heartbroken to hear the Great Commission Resurgence Task Force report.

A one percent increase to international missions. A breakthrough? God has blessed us as a Convention with a bold, expansive missions force, but we are having to pull back because of money. More people will die without even hearing the name of my Jesus.

To see us argue about details of the Cooperative Program and not be willing to make radical changes to the way “business” is done in order to refocus our efforts on missions is a sad day. I realize there are many lost people in North America, but every part of North America can hear the gospel and houses of worship are plentiful.

My dad used to say “Son, stick with the stuff.” He was referring to the Bible and it’s clear, sweet message of salvation. I think it applies to the Southern Baptist Convention.

At the IMB decisions are being made concerning which unreached people groups will have to remain unreached because of budgetary constraints.

May God have mercy on us.