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Looking for a brighter tomorrow


In Psalm 127 David compares children to “arrows.” An arrow is not like a mere stick. A stick is rugged and crude by nature. An arrow is formed and fashioned to meet certain specifications. Children are also often rugged and undisciplined, but by education, spiritual training, and discipline, they are refined and reformed.

Children’s Home Mother’s Day Offering May 9th

Arrows are also designed to fly. They are not intended to stay in the quiver. The quiver is just a vehicle that contains them until they are ready to be released. Arrows also need to be aimed properly to do any good. They were made to pierce a target. By the same token we need to aim children in the right direction.

Children are supposed to be prepared, molded, straightened, and balanced in the homes from which they are released into the future. Sometimes children come from homes where circumstances are not conducive to building adequate preparation for the future. Across Georgia there are homes that are marred by the most horrifying of circumstances. In some of these homes children are unwanted, abused, neglected, even exploited.

However, in our Georgia Baptist Children’s Home and Family Ministries boys and girls from troubled homes are given the opportunity to transcend the past and look for a brighter tomorrow. The nurture and care given to these children is in keeping with the principles found in Psalm 127. In an environment of Christian love and grace they are groomed to face life with bright hopes for the future.

Today many are afraid that the reckless spending of the federal government has placed future generations in financial jeopardy. However, for believers financial concerns should never take precedent over moral and spiritual matters. In truth, those who are equipped morally and spiritually will have the faith to face the future challenges of life with courage and confidence.

The Georgia Baptist Children’s Home and Family Ministries is releasing those youths who come their way into the world with the kind of faith and spiritual fiber that will not only enable them to cope with the challenges of the future, but establish within them the character to make it brighter for all of us.

Your gifts to the Children’s Home Offering on Mothers’ Day, Sunday, May 9 will contribute greatly to the GBCHFM shaping young lives like spiritual arrows and sending them forth to make a difference for the cause of Christ.


Harris is the editor of The Christian Index.