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Don't brag about pre-conversion lifestyle


The following observations are submitted after a long period of time as a Christian with some experience in speaking and witnessing at numerous churches over a period of approximately 50 years. Details of my former professional private life arenít necessary for this communication.

The previous sinful life of Christians who are now ministers, evangelists, writers, authors, and executives in various denominations should be removed from their credentials as far as the East is from the West. Jesus Christ changes the sinner inside and outside when they submit totally to His will.

Christian leaders, while witnessing to less-informed people, can have unique, outrageous, interesting, and unbelievable testimonies prior to their salvation. It is believed these types of experiences would be more appropriate if not shared in details since they are often glorified in the eyes of less informed.

Would the person use these words of a sinful lifestyle in his obituary? We have enough reading and viewing material in our society without Christian literature calling it to our attention.

Recent example: we started a 40 Day Choice Program on Jan. 17 and a Jan. 14 article in The Christian Index shared with its readers that one of the authors previously owned a brothel! His previous lifestyle was forgiven, however, the consequences are in his memory bank subject to be recalled at any moment.

Christians can spend the majority of the their life building their testimony and jeopardize the effectiveness in just a few moments.