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Once again, God has blessed our family beyond our comprehension. Our daughter, Jennifer, gave birth to our eighth grandchild on March 27. His name is Tyler Matthew Millage, and he arrived quite a bit earlier than any of us had expected.

J. Robert White

Aaron Millage looks over his son, Tyler, in the NICU at Baptist Hospital East in Montgomery, Alabama March 27. Millage, a neonatal doctor, happened to be on duty at the hospital when his son was born.

Our daughter experienced elevated blood pressure for a number of days when the physician deemed it best to admit her to Baptist Hospital East in Montgomery, Alabama. Numerous attempts and medications were utilized to lower her blood pressure but other complications created still other issues which made it necessary to deliver the baby through c-section at 30 weeks.

Of course, we were deeply concerned about the health of our daughter and the baby, but God has been blessing and so many wonderful words of encouragement have come from many places. The most encouraging of those messages are the ones that say, ďWe are praying for your daughter and her baby boy.Ē

I know that God hears and answers prayer. I have seen Him work in so many amazing ways throughout my ministry. I am sure your experience has been like mine. Donít we have a wonderful Lord?

Tyler weighed 2 pounds, 9 ounces at birth and was taken directly to the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU). This is such familiar territory to us. When Jennifer was born and I was serving Tabernacle Baptist Church in Carrollton, she arrived early at 32 weeks. Janice had to stay in the hospital at Tanner Medical Center while I flew with our new premature baby daughter in an Army helicopter to the Columbus Medical Center and their very fine Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU).

We were there for eight days and Jennifer, without the wonder medications we have today for premature infants, had a rough time and almost did not make it. It was one of the most challenging times in the life of our family. We continue to praise the Lord 32 years later that he spared the life of our precious daughter. She is a wonderful Christian and an inspiring example of a Christian wife and mother to her family and many others.

Jenniferís first child, a daughter, was also born at 32 weeks and was placed in the Neonatal Critical Care Unit at the University Hospital in Augusta. Now here is where the story of these events becomes truly amazing and a visible evidence of God at work. Jennifer had married Aaron Millage, a premed student at Mercer University, who pursued his medical studies at the Medical College of Georgia in Augusta. He had not determined what his field of specialization might be, but when his daughter was born early, he was deeply impacted by the experience and inspired by the neonatologists at the medical center who cared for his daughter.

Through that experience, God moved upon his heart in such a way that he would never be able to forego the powerful sense of call to become a neonatologist and care for premature babies as these remarkable physicians had cared for his daughter. He completed a residency in pediatrics at Memorial Medical Center in Greenville, South Carolina and then was accepted at Vanderbilt University Medical School to do a fellowship in neonatology.

He completed that program of study last year and joined the Alabama Neonatology Group in Montgomery, Alabama. He participates with four other physicians in caring for infants at three different hospitals in Montgomery, Jackson Hospital, Montgomery Baptist Medical Center South, and Baptist East.

Now you know, as Paul Harvey would say, the rest of the story. When Jenniferís new son was delivered on March 27, Aaron was on duty in the hospital where she delivered on that day and had the privilege and blessing of providing the neonatal care for his own son in the NICU. I cannot describe for you how deeply moved I was to stand in the Critical Care Unit and watch my son-in-law minister to the needs of his newborn son. God is amazing.

This is a story that has come full circle and how we praise the Lord for all of the amazing things that He has done for our family. We are so blessed.

Now Janice and I celebrate the birth of our eighth grandchild. We have four girls and four boys. What a blessing! Rest assured that from time to time as you read this column, you will be able to keep up with some of my amazing adventures with some of Godís greatest blessings in my life, my grandchildren.