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Issue Date: 2006-03-16
Volume: 185
Number: 6


Georgia Baptists travel to Turin spreading golden news

The “More than Gold” pins designed by the Georgia Baptist Convention have garnered their fair share of attention at recent Olympic games. The trend continued last month as five Georgia Baptists swapped pins and stories while witnessing to revelers and locals at the 2006 Winter Olympics.
Expanding ministry is all in the family for First Warner Robins pastor

A trip to McDonald’s with the family might not be such a big deal to most people. For Andy and Elizabeth Hammack, though, it’s an excursion that requires planning and precision.
Denmark’s flag, now burned by Muslims, has Christian past

In the heat of battle, a flag made of lambskin descended from the heavens and led the Danish army to victory over their heathen enemies. So goes the 13th century legend of the “Dannebrog,” Denmark’s national banner depicting a white cross with a red background.
Bryant Wright hopes to be a bridge builder at 2006 Pastors’ Conference

Bryant Wright, senior pastor of Johnson Ferry Baptist Church in Marietta and president of the Southern Baptist Convention Pastors’ Conference, has prayerfully and carefully designed a conference that has something for the young and the old, something for those who embrace a contemporary style of worship and something for those who have a more traditional bent; it’s an offering of both the stained glass and Starbucks approach to celebrating the goodness and grace of God.
Revival Report
Three arrested in Alabama church fires
Suspect calls it “joke” that “got out of hand”

Law enforcement officials announced March 8 the arrests of three men in connection with a string of Alabama church fires that had terrorized the state since early February.
Chans busy planting churches, drawing Chinese-Americans to Christ in California

Born in Hong Kong, Andrew Chan looks and feels at home as he strolls down the busy streets of Chinatown Los Angeles. And much like his namesake, Andrew – one of Jesus’ original 12 disciples – Chan glances around for someone to invite to church and win to Christ.
LifeWay honors Billy Graham via multifaceted website

When it comes to influential evangelicals, every list begins with Billy Graham.
Georgia Baptist Health Care System has become a hospital without walls

The Georgia Baptist Health Care System no longer has a hospital constructed with brick and mortar, but continues to maintain a ministry of helping the physical and spiritual needs of people both in Georgia and those far from the borders of our state.
Truett-McConnell adds another four-year degree to fall schedule
Truett-McConnell College announced March 9 the startup of a new Bachelor of Arts in Humanities degree. Approval for the degree came from the Commission on Colleges of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools March 6.
IMB trustee chairman Hatley explains board’s actions
International Mission Board Trustee Chairman Tom Hatley issued an “open letter” March 7 to Southern Baptists – and a much longer letter to Southern Baptist pastors – addressing recent decisions by IMB trustees.
White House’s Katrina report praises Southern Baptists, other faith groups
The White House, in a report assessing the response to Hurricane Katrina, praised and commended faith-based organizations including Southern Baptists for their quick and coordinated work to aid storm victims in the Gulf states.

Georgia Newsbriefs

GBREA members elect new officers
Members of the Georgia Baptist Religious Education Association met in January at Callaway Gardens to elect new officers for the upcoming year.
Robertson elected to Administration Committee
Wayne Robertson was elected in December to serve as chairman of the Georgia Baptist Convention Administration Committee.

Baptist News Summary

Names in the News
NAMB commissions 143 new missionaries & chaplains
Calling the United States the fourth most “unchurched” nation in the world, Robert E. “Bob” Reccord, president of the North American Mission Board, spoke March 5 during a commissioning service for 143 new missionaries and chaplains at First Baptist Church in Spartanburg, S.C.
Leaders urge caution as campuses brace for Soulforce demonstrators
In a push for broader acceptance of homosexuality, a group of about 35 young adults with the homosexual advocacy group Soulforce has announced a bus tour of 19 Christian colleges and military academies, including some Southern Baptist universities.
Yemeni executed for 2002 killings of Southern Baptist medical workers
The Yemeni gunman who killed three Southern Baptist medical workers in 2002 was executed by firing squad Feb. 27, according to wire reports.
N.Y. Yankees aid burglarized SBC church
The New York Yankees, though just in spring training, stepped up to the plate to assist a Bronx church and its soup kitchen after a break-in.
Travel to SBC in Greensboro spans airline, auto options
Good options are available for both airline and automotive travel to the Southern Baptist Convention’s 2006 annual meeting in Greensboro, N.C., John R. (Jack) Wilkerson, vice president for business and finance and convention manager of the SBC Executive Committee, has noted.
Podcasts join list of technology resources offered by LifeWay
LifeWay Christian Resources has introduced to allow users to listen to quality Christian content anywhere from a crowded urban subway to the secluded Australian outback and everywhere in between.

Religious Newsbriefs

Methodists reject Richmond over name of Braves AAA minor league team
The United Methodist Church will not hold its 2012 leadership conference in Richmond, Va., because the name of the city’s minor league baseball team is racially charged, the church’s leadership has announced.
Judge dismisses “prove Jesus” lawsuit
An Italian judge who at one point entertained the idea of having court-appointed technical experts review historical data in order to prove whether Jesus really existed has now thrown out the case entirely.
Forty percent of British Muslims want Islamic law, 20 percent sympathize with London bombers
A newly published opinion poll suggests that 40 percent of Britain’s estimated 2 million Muslims want Islamic law, known as Shariah, introduced to their country.
Charred remains could be Joan of Arc’s
Nearly 700 years after the death of Joan of Arc, a French forensic team hopes a series of tests will prove whether charred fragments of skin and bones might be those of the 15th-century heroine.

People and Places

Ministerial Moves

Cooperative Program Stories

Living in the shadows

As Darrell Davidson* scrolled through his email messages at his church office, he was shocked to see a pornographic site pop up. He immediately deleted it.

Bible Study

Honor Christ

Life Question: How can I show my dedication to Christ?
You Need to Remember

Jesus spends the last week of His life and ministry in Jerusalem. About midweek He instructs Peter and John to prepare for the Passover. While in the context of the larger Feast of Unleavened Bread, the Passover was the annual festival in which the Jews remembered the exodus out of Egypt and God’s deliverance and salvation for them. The meal was a family remembrance in which the head of the family presided.


Taking sports captive for Christ

My spirits always tend to rise a little at this time of year.
The Open Door

I believe the Evangelism Conference we just completed at Second Baptist Church in Warner Robins was the finest we have had in the thirteen years I have been with the Convention. It was one of those meetings where you feel the presence of God in such a dynamic way that it is an awesome experience.
Solid base for sex ed should be in place before puberty

Five things that can cripple a church

The dear Lord Jesus loves the church and has given Himself for it, and He obviously wants the church to be healthy and vibrant. The devil hates the church and since its inception has been hurling all the weapons in his diabolical arsenal in an effort to cripple its witness and its effectiveness.


Passion for mission education?

1. passion: strong feeling or emotion; 2: intense passion or emotion; 3: something that is desired intensely. (Wordnet)
Biting the hand that feeds

Recent articles in The Christian Index with regard to NAMB have been both intriguing and troubling. One of the articles for me goes beyond troubling to near reprehensible!
Jesse Mercer as a Calvinist

I want to share two points regarding the dissolution of our final ties with Mercer University. Much has been said already, but I’d like to add another comment. I was on the state Executive Committee for my final meeting back in November. I was in the room as the discussion regarding ties with Mercer arose. Here is what immediately came to my mind.