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Difference of interpretation


I read with interest Gerald Harris’ April 22 editorial concerning “Breaking Family Ties.” If the GBC and the SBC do not want to accept churches with women pastors, that is their right even though many in these two groups do not agree with the policy made by them. I guess the autonomy of the local church has fallen by the wayside.

I will not discuss that matter. What bothered me the most were these words, “The Bible is clear on the issue to any objective student of the Word of God. I Timothy 2:11-14 tells us why women should not teach or have authority over men.”

Are you saying that if I interpret the Scriptures differently from you and others that I am not an objective student of the Word of God? There are more Scriptures to look at than this one from Timothy. I try to look at the whole picture in the context of the time frame when Paul wrote these words. I do not take just one passage and say that is it. I study the Word of God, not only Paul’s writings but also Jesus’ Words.

In 1 Timothy 2:9, the words of Paul tell women to adorn themselves in proper clothing and not braid their hair, wear gold, or pearls etc. How would an objective student interpret this Scripture? Does Dr. Harris’ wife wear gold jewelry and pearls?

Does this still mean that I am not an objective student of the Word of God? I do resent the implication that if I do not agree with that interpretation, then I am not an objective student.

To me this was a very harsh statement to make which can cause more division. Let’s don’t label people. Let’s work together to share the Gospel.