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Child protection


I am grateful for the GBC emphasis on the two-adult rule (having at least two adults supervising children and youth). Hopefully, children are more protected now than they were in past years in church settings. We need to step forward to help with Sunday School (Bible Study) classes, Vacation Bible School, camps, and retreats and not stand back and let the few do it.

It is a tragedy any time a child is abused in any way by an adult supposedly giving them spiritual guidance. The recent news focus on historic abuse in another denomination should encourage us to be more diligent than ever to ensure the safety of children and teenagers in our churches.

A victims advocate once stated, “Supervisors neglected to address the problem in a timely manner because they were more concerned about preventing scandal than protecting children.”

If you have ever heard the testimony of a victim, you will probably never forget the pain in their eyes and the terrible sense of betrayal they feel. Until recently, many victims suffered in silence. Though it was a horrific reality, it was not told to hardly anyone.

Furthermore, Focus on the Family compiled information showing strong evidence of homosexuality being a learned behavior and not a predisposition. This research gives a strong indication of a possible connection between abuse of children and them later participating in such deviant behavior in adulthood.