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Holocaust-denying bishop found guilty in German court


(RNS) The schismatic bishop who deeply angered Jews and embarrassed the Vatican by publicly denying the Holocaust was ordered to pay a $13,500 fine for violating a German law that makes it a crime to deny the Holocaust.

Judge Karin Frahm in the Bavarian city of Regensburg issued her ruling on April 16, according to The Associated Press, after relying on written statements when Bishop Richard Williamson declined to appear in court.

Williamson, a member of the breakaway Society of St. Pius X (SSPX), had told Swedish television in a 2008 interview that “no more than 300,000 Jews perished in Nazi concentration camps ... not one of them by gassing in a gas chamber.”

Williamson had already been fined 12,000 euros last year, but his appeal triggered the trial in Frahm’s courtroom. Frahm lowered the fine to 10,000 euros because at the time of the interview, Williamson did not know his remarks would be broadcast in Germany, according to the AP.