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We need your help!


DES MOINES, Iowa — At this year’s SBC meeting in Orlando, messengers deliberated on the Great Commission Resurgence Task Force report. I had mixed feelings about the report’s implications and have been especially concerned about Component 4 and the phasing out of the Cooperative Agreements between the North American Mission Board and the state conventions.

In the state convention where I serve, we are heavily dependent on North American Mission Board funding and this will mean some considerable rearrangement of our work. If anything, we need more missionaries and not less!

I also reflected on GCRTF chairman Ronnie Floyd’s recent article, released just prior to the convention, where he said, “If the GCR recommendations are adopted, more resources are on the way to help reach those regions and states for Christ. If your church or association or state convention is about reaching lost people and planting Gospel churches, help is on the way!”

I was especially encouraged during the North American Mission Board report on the last evening of the convention when a messenger questioned if there could be an emphasis placed on churches adopting churches in need of assistance. I think that is a great idea, which should be encouraged and facilitated by the mission boards, the state conventions, and the associations.

As I traveled home, I reflected on the 105 mostly smaller membership SBC churches across Iowa. I’m assisting some of them in their search to find a bivocational pastor, hold vacation Bible school, and staff and train their Sunday Schools. Many of them are struggling financially and numerically. We need help!

And it’s not only us. Many churches across the northern and western parts of the United States need help. For that matter, a lot of churches across the South are still in need of a resurgence in health and growth. We are a long way from “penetrating lostness” in our quest for a resurgence of the Great Commission.

I want to call on Southern Baptists from every part of the country to step up now. We need your help to reach the people in the “underserved” parts of the U.S. and Canada. We need your help to penetrate the great cities of North America. We need your help!

How about leading your church or association to partner with a smaller membership church to assist with special projects such as Vacation Bible School, revivals, evangelistic thrusts like God’s Plan for Sharing, building a church building, or remodeling existing facilities? When churches and associations come alongside our churches, it encourages them and helps them accomplish more Great Commission work.

To get involved, do a little web surfing on and look for the state conventions directory on the SBCSearch link. There you will find contact information and website links for state conventions all across the U.S. and Canada. Get in touch with them and ask if there is a church your church could adopt and assist.

Another resource is which lists projects and links to missions activities. Lead your church to provide some assistance for a church in need. It may be that you only need to look as far as the next community over or a church down the street from you. It may mean, that you could lead your church to travel several hundred miles to help a church in an emerging region get established.

Christian contemporary singing group MercyMe has a song with the lyrics “Hold fast. Help is on the way.” (Hold Fast: Coming Up to Breathe. 2006). I am trusting in that promise as I work with these churches in Iowa. We need your help. Let’s have a Great Commission resurgence!

Nations serves as the editor of The Iowa Baptist, the newsjournal of the Baptist Convention of Iowa.