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Princeton Review names most, least religious campuses in annual report


(RNS) Brigham Young University was named the nation’s most religious campus, and Sarah Lawrence College the least religious, in new rankings released Aug. 3.

Mormon-owned BYU rose from second place in last year’s rankings; it also ranked first in the list of “Stone-Cold Sober Schools,” an honor which the school has held for 13 consecutive years.

All of the schools with the most religious student bodies hold some kind of church affiliation, other than the U.S. Air Force Academy (Colo.), which came in 14th.

On the other side of the spectrum, Sarah Lawrence College in New York took the lead as having the least religious students, up from the No. 9 spot last year. Also in the top 10, in the No. 8 spot, is Presbyterian-affiliated Macalester College in Minnesota.

The rankings, said Allen Green, dean of studies and student life at Sarah Lawrence College, do not indicate that students face a difficult time making the right decisions. “Our students value moral and ethical principles including tolerance, diversity, respect, and honesty,” he said.