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Morningside honors Robertson on 25th anniversary


Elizabeth Butler/The Valdosta Daily Times

Beth and Wayne Robertson were honored on Oct. 24 for 25 years of service to Morningside Baptist Church in Valdosta. A legacy of missions support and denominational leadership during Wayne’s tenure as pastor were repeatedly emphasized during the event.

VALDOSTA — Former Georgia Baptist Convention president Wayne Robertson was honored by Morningside Baptist Church Oct. 24 on the occasion of his 25th anniversary as pastor of the Valdosta church.

Elizabeth Butler, former Christian Index board member and writer for The Valdosta Daily Times, summarized the celebration for Robertson with his comment: “During these 25 years I have found the Morningside people to be loving, forbearing and willing to forgive one another. I am blessed to serve as their pastor. Twenty-five years is a far greater testimony to them than to me.”

J. Robert White, executive director of the Georgia Baptist Convention, called Robertson’s record of leadership and accomplishments across 25 years as “truly amazing.” In a letter to the Valdosta pastor White added, “During the time of your leadership at Morningside, our records show that your support of missions through the Cooperative Program has grown from $6,000 to $142,547 per year.

“This is a reflection of your strong commitment to worldwide missions and the fine leadership of Morningside in Georgia and throughout the Southern Baptist Convention. We also praise God for the 1,333 people who have been baptized over the 25 years of your ministry at Morningside.

During the 25 years as pastor of Morningside, Robertson has served Georgia Baptists as president of the GBC and been a member of the Order of Business, Resolutions, Preachers, Administration and Executive Committees. White also praised him for his “marvelous leadership” as chairman of the Administration Committee and president of the Georgia Baptist Convention from 2001-2002.

Sam Cathey, staff evangelist at Morningside, remarked, “I had the privilege of working with Wayne Robertson in full-time evangelism for three years. During that time God put us with the leading churches and pastors of the Southern Baptist Convention. Wayne did not miss that opportunity! He absorbed all the information that came his way. Today I consider him the most competent pastor that I know. I am proud to be his friend.”

John O. Yates, who serves as the minister of education at Morningside, stated, “Wayne Robertson is the best pastor I know. For 21 years it has been my privilege to serve under his leadership and observe his outstanding example of pastoral ministry.

“His love for his church family is evidenced by the countless hours he devotes each week to ministering to their needs, walking with them through tragedies, and teaching them God’s guidelines for living found in the Bible.

“His clear expository preaching, coupled with straightforward practical application, teaches us how to live the Christian life on a day-to-day basis. Brother Wayne loves, cares for, and supports his staff in a wonderful manner. He is an excellent example of integrity, Christian behavior, unwillingness to compromise, kindness and hospitality.”

Faye Setser commented, “We came to Morningside in July of 1984 and Brother Wayne came in October of 1985. Our family became friends with the Robertsons from the beginning. His faithful preaching taught us biblical truth concerning such things as the doctrine of grace, the sovereignty of God and the doctrine of Satan. He was present for the marrying of our children and the salvation and baptismal services for our children and grandchildren.

“Pastor Robertson was with us during the death of a daughter-in-law and comforted us with his prayers and ministry of the Word. His ministry at Morningside has been instrumental in making a difference in the lives of many people in Valdosta.”

Robertson’s wife Beth and daughters Miranda and Christi, who are all involved in music ministry, the latter with Greater Vision gospel singing group, have been partners and tremendous assets to the Morningside’s pastor’s ministry.