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Index ceases reviews of self-published books


Georgia Baptists have never been shy about sharing their thoughts and opinions with others, and that has gotten easier in the last couple of years due to the growth of the self-publishing industry. However, due to the explosive growth in that arena and the sheer volume of books The Index has received as review copies, the newspaper has decided to no longer provide such book reviews.

In past years book publishers only accepted manuscripts for which they thought there was a market and for which they could make a good return on their investment. That meant editing, publishing, promoting, and stocking the books in prominent bookstores around the nation.

Today, many companies exist only to publish a writer’s manuscript with no risk of loss since the publicity, promotion, and sales details are all handled entirely by the writer. In many cases the books are only lightly edited.

Due to this marketing change The Index has become an avenue of promotion by writers not only in Georgia but from around the nation. Unfortunately there is not enough space to give adequate treatment to every book, even if we restricted the reviews to books written only by Georgians – a step which we actually took last year.

Therefore, The Index regrettably will no longer review self-published books of any nature and, due to rising postage costs, unsolicited books will not be returned. The paper wishes our authors the best in their publishing ventures.