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There are several ways to make sure your Christian witness continues after you have gone to heaven. Here are a few.

Leave a percentage of your estate to your favorite Baptist cause(s).

This is probably the most common option chosen by Baptists. As I travel around our state speaking to church groups I challenge folks to give at least 10 percent, a tithe, of their estate to the Lordís work. Some can do more than a tithe, and often do.

Leave a specific amount or asset to the Lordís work.

This option gives specific language in your Will to describe a specific dollar amount or specific asset such as a house, lot, acreage, bank account, other account or tangible personal property to the Lordís work.

Leave the Lordís work a childís part of your estate.

This option gives the Kingdom an equal share with the children. Example: Three children plus the Lord gives each 25 percent percent of the estate. There will never be a better partnership.

Leave your estate to your children and the Lord.

Hereís how this option works. At your death your estate goes into a trust with your children named as income beneficiaries for up to 20 years. Then, at the end of the term of years, the Lordís work becomes the beneficiary of the trust.

This is an excellent means of giving your children more than they would have gotten in a lump sum at your death and this also protects you from the risk of the children wasting your estate on frivolous things.

Please know that your development staff at the Georgia Baptist Foundation stands ready to help you with your estate plans. Do not hesitate to contact us at:


North of Macon
Douglas G. Couch
VP/Director of Development
770.366.0815 or


South of Macon
Ray Sullivan
Director of Development
229.392.1494 or