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Review of 'Christmas with a Capital C'


If you were looking for good wholesome family entertainment I would enthusiastically recommend “Christmas with a Capital C.” The setting for this family-oriented film is Trapper Falls, Alaska (actually Seward, Alaska) and the scenery is marvelously picturesque. The featured stars are Daniel Baldwin as Mitch Bright and Ted McGinley as Mayor Dan Reed.

‘Tis the season to be jolly, but holiday traditions are under attack when lawyer Mitch Bright, a big city attorney, returns to his hometown of Trapper Falls and takes offense to seeing the town’s flagrant violation of the constitution’s Establishment clause. Residents of the small town who once looked forward to displaying the nativity scene each December and greeting each other with a cheery “Merry Christmas,” find themselves in the heat of a legal battle with a former member of their community.

“Christmas with a Capital C” is based on what has been referred to as the “War on Christmas.” The movie is based on the song “Christmas with a Capital C” by the Contemporary Christian band Go Fish. The video featuring this song has received over 15 million views online.

This extremely relevant, wonderfully heartwarming and incredibly inspirational movie can be seen on the GMC (Gospel Music Channel) several times between now and Christmas.