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Have you created your login and password?


Have you created your personalized login and password to access your Christian Index online edition? If not, we encourage you to do it right now while you are holding this issue in your hands.

Just locate the account number above your name on the mailing label on the front page, go to, and click on “Login or Logout” in the upper left corner. Follow the easy instructions and you’re all set. You will never need to create another login ID … and if you save your password to your browser you should not have to manually enter that again, either.

This important step will assure that you can read all of The Index online, especially when it comes to breaking news. So be sure you also sign up for our free RSS news feed so you can be the first to know what is happening within the Georgia Baptist family.

Registering your account will be mandatory for viewing all content as of Jan. 1, 2011. All Index material posted online before that date – with the exception of breaking news that required a password – will still be available to the general public, but all content published after January 1 will require a login.

Online subscribers will be able to sign up at the website, with a VISA or MasterCard, for immediate access. More information will be available on the website as soon as the billing goes active prior to January 1.

Effective that date The Index will begin offering all online content for an affordable $6 annual subscription. Information will be posted on our website for those who are used to reading that content for no charge. This change, which is being embraced by a growing number of state Baptist newspapers, is being implemented to allow online readers to share in the cost of producing the stories and photography they have come to enjoy.

Beginning in the next issue we will be rolling out a series of changes that will make your print edition even better, with no increase in subscription cost. Primarily you will see four additional color pages plus four two-color pages that will add to the attractiveness of the paper.

We promise to continue to provide you with the best Georgia-centric coverage possible, and these additional color pages will allow us to show you more Georgia news in a more attractive format.

We are also adding a guest column called “Georgia Voices” that will allow readers to share their thoughts on a range of topics that require more space than a Letter to the Editor. Like letters, the points of view will not be endorsed by The Index editorial staff or its Board of Directors. Contributors must get prior approval and justify their comments – explaining why their column would be of interest to the broader Georgia Baptist audience – and write concisely within a strict word count.

Since “Georgia Voices” will be a form of discussion among the Georgia Baptist family, contributors must be paid subscribers to this newspaper. Each contributor will be allowed only one column per year, and no rebuttal will be allowed should there be a difference of opinion. And, as is our standard policy, unsolicited manuscripts will not be accepted, acknowledged or returned.

We appreciate your loyal readership and for telling others in your church why they should subscribe to The Christian Index – the nation’s oldest continuously published Christian newspaper and the only source of Georgia Baptist news.