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Issue Date: 2004-04-08
Volume: 183
Number: 8


Legislators grant Georgians right to vote on marriage amendment

The Georgia House of Representatives voted in favor of the state constitutional marriage amendment on March 31st on the 38th day of the forty-day legislative session. The measure, which required a vote of two-thirds of the House, got two votes more than the 120 needed for approval.
Learning to think outside the box in Seattle
New church will launch Easter Sunday

The paying crowds will not arrive until later in the afternoon, but an audience of another nature is already passing through the front door of the Regal Issaquah 9 Cinema theatre complex.
Lake Placid church thrives under leadership of Georgian Derek Spain

Derek Spain, who served as the pastor of the student ministry at Hebron Baptist Church in Dacula, sensed the call of God to become pastor of the struggling First Baptist Church in Lake Placid, New York. At Hebron, a strong and influential church in the greater Atlanta area, Spain had the responsibility of directing an expansive ministry including more than 850 middle school-to-college age students.

Georgia Newsbriefs

SBC messenger cards for Indianapolis meeting to be mailed in early May
This year, Georgia Baptist churches will have two options for messenger registration at the SBC annual meeting held June 15-16 in Indianapolis.
GBC president announces members of 2004 Committee on Nominations
Georgia Baptist Convention President Tony R. Dickerson has announced the members of the 2004 Committee on Nominations.

Religious Newsbriefs

Catholic fans strike out on eating hot dogs at Red Sox opener after Archdiocese’s refusal
Catholic fans of the Boston Red Sox will have to settle for peanuts and Cracker Jacks for the team’s season opener on Good Friday after the Archdiocese of Boston refused to change the no-meat-on-Fridays rule.
Hymnist Sydney Carter dead at 88
Sydney Carter, who wrote one of the 20th century’s best known and loved hymns, died March 13. He was 88.
Religious leaders urge prayer, calm in Kosovo after new violence erupts
Religious leaders are calling for calm in Kosovo after clashes between Albanians and Serbs left more than 100 Serbian houses and 16 churches burned and at least 28 people dead.
The Passion of Christ draws crowds in Jordan
The Passion of the Christ made its Middle East debut in Amman, Jordan on March 16 with crowds of Christians and Muslims flocking to see the film.
Tammy Faye Messner, ex-wife of Jim Bakker, diagnosed with inoperable lung cancer
Tammy Faye Messner, who used to lead the Praise the Lord (PTL) ministry with ex-husband Jim Bakker, has announced she has inoperable lung cancer.

People and Places

Ministerial Moves
Dedications and Celebrations

Cooperative Program Stories

Building a legacy one child at a time

There aren’t many people at Midway Church in Baxley who remember when Lennie McDaniel didn’t teach Sunday School.

Bible Study

Church Builder

Is it an atmosphere of excitement and purpose, a noticeably spotless facility, or a well- prepared presentation? Could it be an impressive menu of ministry benefits or a culturally relevant blend of message and music? Is it the hair style of the preacher or the illumination of the sign in the front yard? Might it be linked to the testimony of a few well-known celebrities? Perhaps the pocketbook of several wealthy givers is to be partially credited. What could it be that sets the New Testament church apart from other organizations?
Returning King

While attending New Orleans Seminary, my family was confronted with a new definition of “bad weather.” Having lived in Georgia all our lives, we had no idea how powerful tropical storms could be. On one occasion, as a hurricane was pressing down on the swampy banks of the Louisiana coast, I sent my wife and small 6-month-old boy home to Georgia, while I worked through the night.


Parenting in suburbia

Politicians have targeted a key constituent group known as “soccer moms” in recent years. This group of female voters symbolizes suburban parents who are known for being zealous in their child-rearing, working hard to provide the best of everything for their kids.
The Open Door

Last week I traveled to Dallas, Texas for a meeting at the Annuity Board. At the Dallas/Ft. Worth airport, I boarded a bus to be taken to the car rental area. There was a pretty good crowd on the bus already, and we made several stops at various airline areas to pick up and drop off passengers.
Seeds From The Sower

A gentleman left a rake and a hoe to be fixed. When he picked them up, he handed the mechanic some money. But the mechanic refused it.
Communicating with teens tries everyone's patience

The World's Greatest Comeback

History has recorded some spectacular comebacks. Just five years ago news came from the Atlanta Braves training camp that Andres Galarraga had been diagnosed with non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma in his lower back.


Affirms use of vocational evangelists

We have just completed what may be the most awesome revival in our church’s 156-year history.