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Issue Date: 2006-07-20
Volume: 185
Number: 15


Eagles Landing members stuck in Beirut amidst fighting
Members of Eagles Landing First Baptist Church are among the estimated 25,000 Americans stuck in Beirut after fighting erupted last week.
Congregational & elder-led models both work, pastors say

“Do not take this issue lightly.”
Georgia Supreme Court reinstates marriage amendment
The Georgia Supreme Court July 6 reinstated the state’s constitutional marriage amendment, unanimously ruling that it does not – as a lower court had ruled – violate the state constitution.
Lights, camera, evangelize!
South Georgia church makes movies to reach people for Christ

Before there was The Passion of the Christ, there was Flywheel, The Movie. And now Facing the Giants is coming to the silver screen with the same Christian and family values that are capturing the attention of Hollywood.
Final decision-making authority key to polity debate

Stan Norman, associate professor of theology at New Orleans Seminary, said the debate on elder-led polity isn’t anything new to Southern Baptists. Norman is the co-editor of Perspectives on Church Government: Five Views of Church Polity. Chad Brand of Southern Seminary is the other editor.
Facing the Giants Images
Pastor helps
Church leaders desiring to use Facing the Giants as a ministry tool can visit for free resources, including Bible study guides, movie clips, the promotional trailer, downloadable flyers, and email invitations.
Frequently asked questions about Facing the Giants
MPAA "PG" rating is mixed blessing for Kendrick brothers

When Alex and Stephen Kendrick asked their church to pray for a media breakthrough to draw attention to their latest movie, Facing the Giants, they were not exactly prepared for a worldwide firestorm throughout the secular and evangelistic communities that would reverberate in the halls of Congress.
GBC study shows less than half claim any religious connection
A study by Research Services of the Georgia Baptist Convention shows that only 45% of the approximately nine million Georgians across the state claim any kind of religious affiliation.
Facing the Giants Overview
Facing the Giants is the story of Grant Taylor (Alex Kendrick), a coach who has never led his Shiloh Eagles to a winning season.
Survey: Christian media used often, but there is room to grow
Research results being released for the first time in the July/August edition of Facts & Trends magazine show most people who attend a Protestant church are using Christian media – magazines, websites, television, radio, movies and music – but that Christian media is only a fraction of the media churchgoers use.
Georgia church relies on CP to strengthen outreach

“I’m a person who believes God didn’t put us here just to occupy space,” says 90-year-old Hazel Amerson of Sisters Baptist Church in Sandersville. “He put us here to help other people.
Moss retiring from Camp Pinnacle after nine years of service, set to start "different stage"

After nearly nine years of building campfires, hauling trash, and removing fallen timber – not to mention providing for the care and feeding of camp ducks Quackers and Cheese and the spiritual nourishment of thousands of young girls – Camp Director Joe Moss has set his eyes on retirement.

Georgia Newsbriefs

Atlanta pastor elected first vice president of Korean fellowship
Shin Ki Baik, pastor of New Way Korean Baptist Church in Atlanta, was elected first vice president for 2006-07 of the Council of Korean Southern Baptist Churches in America.
Conference of Georgia Baptist Evangelists develops agenda for members
Officers of the Conference of Georgia Baptist Evangelists met in Greensboro, N.C., during the Southern Baptist Convention June 11. During the meeting they adopted actions to promote the benefits and membership of COGBE to evangelicals around the state convention.
GBC correspondence must be sent to new Georgia Baptist Missions and Ministry Center
All correspondence regarding The Christian Index and other Georgia Baptist Convention departments should be sent to the new address at 6405 Sugarloaf Parkway; Duluth, GA 30097-4092.

Baptist News Summary

Crossover Triad 2006 results in more than 800 salvations
More than 800 people accepted Christ during Crossover Triad 2006 in June, but the actual details of these life-changing conversions are only beginning to filter in – true stories made possible only because hundreds of witnesses in the Greensboro, High Point and Winston-Salem, N.C., areas shared their faith.
Adrianisms captures sampling of notable sayings of Adrian Rogers
The late Adrian Rogers loved a turn of phrase and had a special gift of “sound-bite wisdom,” his wife, Joyce Rogers said. Now a collection of his sayings is available in the new book Adrianisms: The Wit and Wisdom of Adrian Rogers, published by Love Worth Finding Ministries, which he founded.
New Orleans Seminary part of effort to train Cuban church leaders
From humble beginnings, an informal partnership between New Orleans Seminary and Cuban Baptists has grown into an official partnership which includes Western Cuba Baptist Seminary, New Orleans Seminary, the Florida Baptist Convention and the International Mission Board.
Baltimore officially becomes Strategic Focus City for 2008 or 2009
Though the signing and celebrating of the covenant still needs to take place, it’s official: Baltimore will become the North American Mission Board’s newest Strategic Focus City.
Association of Baptist colleges changes name
Members of the Association of Southern Baptist Colleges and Schools (ASBCS) voted June 5 to change the name of the 51-member organization to the International Association of Baptist Colleges and Universities (IABCU). Association leaders say the change expresses the group’s vision and desire to expand its mission and ministry to a more global focus.
250 Baptist leaders attend evangelism conference in Romania
Two hundred fifty Baptists from 11 countries met June 23-24 at Emanuel University in Oradea, Romania for a conference on evangelism and church planting.

Religious Newsbriefs

Dutch teachers first graduates of program teaching essentials of Islam for schools
Dutch officials have handed out diplomas to the first three graduates of a program that aims to train primary school teachers about Islam and Muslim cultural sensitivities.
Graham, Moody, Crosby among those found in heaven in new Left Behind book
The Left Behind apocalyptic thriller series is predicting some of the celebrities of the Christian faith who are – or will be – in heaven.
School district suspends lunchtime visits by pastors following parental complaints
Central Oregon’s largest school district has suspended a long-standing practice of allowing youth pastors from a local evangelical church to talk to students eating lunch in school cafeterias.
Number of Americans with literal belief in Bible down 10 points from 30 years ago
A little more than one quarter of Americans believe the Bible is the literal word of God, down 10 percentage points since 1976.

People and Places

Ministerial Moves

Cooperative Program Stories

Youth, leaders celebrate SuperWow's 25th anniversary

SuperWow is 25 years old and Nancy Eason remembers almost all of it.

Bible Study

I Will Obey God’s Commandments

Exodus 19:4-6; 20:3-17
Related Sunday School Lesson, Family Bible Series, July 30
Set apart by God

John 17:9-23
Related Sunday School Lesson, Family Bible Series, August 6


The Open Door

Sherwood Baptist Church in Albany, where Michael C. Catt is pastor, is investing itself in an incredible out-of-the-box vision for reaching people with the Gospel of Christ. They are making motion pictures with excellence and outstanding spiritual impact.
Abuse of "Freedom in Christ" is dangerous

Liberty is a costly commodity. It never comes without a price. I was reminded of that in a very succinct way on Monday evening, July 3. Martha Jean and I went with some friends, Dr. and Mrs. Walter McBride, to hear the Atlanta Symphony present their annual patriotic concert at Mable House Barnes Amphitheatre in Mableton.
Apologies are necessary when parents err

Give Him the glory!

In this, my first article, I would like to set the tone for that which is to come. I firmly am convinced that Southern Baptists need to renew their understanding of who is in charge, of who has the power and who sets the agenda. This day, I call on all Southern Baptists to reaffirm that we belong to the Lord, that we accept His marching orders, and that His great Book, the Word of God, gives us that which we need for life.


Globalist agenda is cause for concern

I find myself wondering these days if Baptists have lost their way. Traditionally we have taken very seriously our responsibility to expose and oppose evil.
No need for SBC messenger ID

While I sympathize with my brother’s concern regarding messengers who use the convention as a vacation for themselves and their families (see Index Forum, July 6), I must disagree with his assessment of the attendance of business meetings by those same messengers.
Disappointed in presidential comment

I am grateful to learn that our new SBC president, Frank Page, believes in the inerrancy of scripture, but I’m confused about his comment that he’s just not mad about it.
Weeding needed

It was recently proposed that all SBC trustees be “teetotalers” and I strongly agree. When I mow my lawn it looks good but the weeds are still there until they are pulled up by the roots. Maybe there needs to be some weeding done in the SBC.