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Lightning strikes Concord


MABLETON — A strong pop-up thunderstorm the afternoon of June 22 led to smoke and water damage in the sanctuary of Concord Baptist here after a lightning strike took the church’s steeple.

The vestibule at the front of the church is destroyed, relayed Pastor Eddie Barton. That was the extent of fire damage, though four inches of water collected in the sanctuary and resultant smoke spread throughout the building.

“We don’t really know the total amount of damage,” he said. “We’ll need to replace the carpet; not sure how many pews can be saved.”

Fire department personnel were able to spare the church’s sound system, Barton noted. Unable to meet in the building built in the 1970s, Concord will hold services for the foreseeable future in its fellowship hall. That building was the church’s previous sanctuary, constructed 179 years ago, the pastor said.