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An open letter to Bo Turner regarding the 10 Commandments issue


Brother Turner, in regard to your Sept. 23 letter in The Christian Index about the removal of the Ten Commandments, I must say that I'm disappointed. I'm disappointed because a Baptist pastor (one of those who should be leading in this battle) opposes a fundamental principle in a peaceful society.

You mentioned the words "ignorance" and "arrogance," expressing your thoughts on the position of many Baptists. With all due respect, Brother Turner, there seems to be at least ignorance in the view that you propose.

In our society, stealing, killing, and lying are wrong and unlawful.

Who do you credit with the origin of such laws? Obviously God is the originator of those laws (Exodus 20) and to give credit to anyone else is plagiarism. Therefore, it is only right and lawful to give credit to God for the basic laws of our land.

Our country was founded on God's Word, precepts, statutes, and judgements, and to remove the Ten Commandments from public buildings is a denial of that fact. When one attacks the foundation, the building becomes more susceptible to failure.

I challenge you, Brother Turner, to rethink your position. I formerly pastored in Habersham County at the great Providence Baptist Church (Batesville), so I still have definite interest in that part of the state. I pray that God will turn things around in that great county.

I do, however, agree with the last statement in your article: "God help us if we fail the test." But the test is actually the opposite of what you're referring to. Let me end by saying, "God help us if we fail the test of standing on His Word and for what is right and necessary for our state and nation."